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How to Use Sewing Machine for the First time

How to Use Sewing Machine for the First time

If you don’t know how to operate a sewing machine, congratulation, you’ve found the right place. Here I will try to teach you everything about a sewing machine and also tell you the step by step procedure to use a sewing machine effectively.

People those who don’t know the proper method of using a sewing machine, think that it is a terrifyingly complex task. Believe me. It is not! If you are the first timer with a sewing machine, don’t be scared, it is just another machine that will listen to your command and obey you.

For that, you’ve to master the skill of sewing machine. The question arises naturally, ‘is it hard to learn?’ I assure you, it is not. All you have to do is get familiar with all the parts of the sewing machine at first. You will get lots of images and videos online to know about sewing machine components.

Today, my concern is to tell you the secret of using a sewing machine correctly. If you are new in this, put your seat belt on and take the journey with me. After the end of the article, you will become a master.

Here we’ve prepared a step-by-step procedure so that you can learn quickly and become the master. If you want to create beautiful textile projects, you need to read until the end.

Steps to Use the Sewing Machine

Every Sewing Machine is different. Out there you will see different products powered by different companies. They sew in the same way differs in design and other components. First of all, you need to know everything about your sewing machine parts and buttons.

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For that, the instruction manual is your best friend. You will find everything there. To start the sewing machine, you need to know the location of the power button. The button locates in different places of different machines. Check the user guide and know how to start the machine. Once you start the machine, follow the following steps:

One: Find out the metallic or plastic spoon pin on the top of the machine

Two: Take a thread from the spool. Find the bobbin winder metallic pin; fill it with thread and stop once filled with the bobbin winder stopper. After that put the bobbin on a bobbin case and set at the bottom.

Three: Now, it’s time to take help from the manual once again to thread the needle going through all the thread feed.

Four: After completing the threading task, you need to place the fabric below the pressure foot and pull it for positioning.

Five: You have to hold the loose end of both the thread impending from bobbin and needle.

Six: It’s time to start the machine! You need to hold the fabric in proper lines on the metal plate and press the foot pedal. The machine will start sewing.

Note: Foot Pedal is the speed controller. You need to control the speed just like you control the car by using gas pedal.

Seven: Now that you are operating the machine, you need to focus on precision. For that, you have to balance the machine by using machine pulley. You can also move the needle by hand using the wheel for proper accuracy.

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Eight: Now, it’s time to know about the reverse lever that is used for reverse sewing. Reverse sewing is needed to lock the stitch. Find it and use it for better stitch lock.

Nine: Turn to Other Side

  • When you’ve reached the end of one side, you have to turn the fabric into 90o
  • Stop the machine
  • But the needle should be inside the fabric
  • Pull the pressure foot lever up and rotate the fabric on your side
  • Start stitching again by pushing down the lever

Last: After completing the task stop the machine and pull the pressure foot again. Remove the fabric and don’t forget to cut the thread as well.

Final Words

I am sure now you’ve got the bright idea about operating a sewing machine. Now you know about sewing machine components and process. You can search online for some video tutorial. A wide verity of free resources is available online. A video lesson will give you a clear view along with the above steps.

A sewing machine is a typical piece of equipment can be seen in any home. If you know how to deal with a sewing machine, you can surely create some amazing textile projects.

However, operating a sewing machine can be dangerous if you don’t provide complete focus while working. It can lead you to severe and fatal injuries. That’s why it is recommended to work with a sewing machine in complete attention. In the next article, I will tell you about the safety issue while operating a sewing machine. Till then:


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