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Understanding Privacy Rules through HIPAA Privacy Certification

HIPAA is a complex law that has been amended several times since its creation in 1996. The law itself has multiple components that affect you and the way that your practice handles Protected Health Information (PHI). One important part of HIPAA that is necessary for you to understand as you go through HIPAA privacy training is the section dealing with privacy rules and the security policies involved in it.

To understand the security rules, one must first understand HIPAA security policies. HIPAA is designed so that PHI cannot be leaked and information can be kept confidential. HIPAA security policies are outlined as a requirement within HIPAA legislation, and it is up to your company to be able to prove that there is no possible way for PHI to leak from within your system. At the 20th anniversary of HIPAA’s creation a major HIPAA audit already underway, checking businesses and Business Associates of Covered Entities. Many people forget to provide the necessary framework for HIPAA security policies and receive fines for failure to remain compliant with the law. HIPAA security training can be done to make sure that all levels of security follow the policies set forth by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). HIPAA security training done online walks you through the steps needed to prove that your company is not leaving any stone unturned when trying to protect PHI. Whether it be in the facility itself, within your staff, your computer systems, associates or contracts, HIPAA security training can help counter any flaws in your system and provide templates to further prove within an audit that your practice is fully HIPAA compliant with all HIPAA security policies.

While the HIPAA security rule deals largely with technology and who has access to what information within a company’s system, HIPAA privacy policies rule is designed to make sure that a patient’s personal dignity is maintained throughout the entire interaction with a health service company, and to keep their information restricted to those who need to see it only when they need it. HIPAA privacy training is necessary to understand the specific requirements necessary in order to follow the HIPAA privacy rule. All covered entities must have a HIPAA privacy officer, who must go through their own unique HIPAA privacy training in order to monitor themselves and the staff in all day-to-day interactions dealing with PHI. HIPAA security policies are also covered within this training. Additionally, each member of the staff must go through their own HIPAA privacy training, which includes how to handle patient requests and requests for information from external sources. If information is mishandled and it is later discovered in an audit that HIPAA security policies have not been properly followed, it can cause major problems for the covered entity.

It is important to go through HIPAA security training and HIPAA privacy training online in order to manage all documents and receive the necessary templates and forms in order to prove HIPAA compliancy throughout the training process and document management with a company. HIPAA security training covers HIPAA security policies beyond just the basic level training that can end up saving a company millions of dollars in fines.

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