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Types Of Workout Stretches

workout stretches for beginners

Stretches must be performed for the body on the whole both before and after the workout. However, it is advised to focus primarily on the areas which are under stress, for instance, if you are doing chin-ups then you must stretch the upper body. You can use spydialer to get information from anyone.

Now, make sure that you stretch slowly enough to allow and give time to your muscles to relax and ease into every respective posture. But ensure that you never overstretch as you might end up pulling your muscles way too hard in turn experiencing some pain.

Types Of Workout Stretches

The Arm Stretch-Upper Body

To do this stretch just stand straight, cross your left arm toward the right side and across your chest and keeping straight the left elbow push it in with the right hand towards the chest. Once you reach the maximum point of your stretching just hold still in the stretched position with a deep breath.

The stretch here is taking place in the left shoulder along with the upper arm. Now, repeat this same stretch with your right arm too along with breathing deeply while you stretch.

The Chest Stretch

For the chest, stretch hold both your hands behind your back gripping tightly keeping the elbows straight. Now lift the hands away from the body in the upward motion and try going up as far as you can. While taking your hands up, bend over slowly at the waist, while feeling the stretch in your shoulders and chest both.

Try taking your hands that much up till you do not experience any pain. Keep still in this position for at least three breaths and then release yourself slowly from the stretch till you are again in the standing position unclasping your hands finally.

The Back Stretch

This stretch is done by sitting with both arms and legs straight in front of you. Now, bend the right knee and cross it over the left leg so that it is at 90 degrees angle with the leg. Place your left elbow on the outer side of the right knee and then twist your torso to the right.

Using your right knee as leverage for the left elbow will help you in achieving a deeper stretch with the lower back. You should hold this position for nearly 4-6 breaths before repeating with the other side.

The Hamstring Stretch-Lower body

Stand straight while keeping your feet at least 6 inches apart from each other and hang down your upper body by bending it over your waist. This helps touch the toes with your fingertips, however, if in case you are not able to touch your toes, simply bend the knees a bit.

On the other hand, if you easily can reach the floor, then grasp your calves while bringing the upper body towards your legs. See how long you can stay in this position while breathing deeply and then come back to the upright position slowly. So with these stretching done properly without leading yourself to the aching position one can easily in no time look forward to a flexible body.

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