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Types of Diaries you Should Keep in your 20s


The art of the diary is one that has been maintained for many, many years. There’s simply no better way to stay on top of your life, from career to casual, keeping track of your appointments, feelings, and events is always a good idea. In our increasingly digital age, the concept of keeping a diary is beginning to feel somewhat dated, however, there are so many benefits to dedicating a little care and attention to your day to day schedule. Sitting down and taking the time to note down what’s happened in your day, or what’s scheduled for the week, is only going to do you good, and what better time than in your 20s to get into a good habit? Here are the best types of diaries to keep in your 20s:


This is most likely the area of your life that needs the most organisational upkeep. Your career is something for you to invest in, and the best way to lead a successful work-life is to be organised. Your work diary can track meetings, conferences, professional trips and tasks! Clearly planning out what your next week or month looks like on a quiet weekend will save you lots of stress down the line. You should select a dated diary for your work schedule, and preferably find one that’s smaller, so it can comfortably sit on your desk!

Social Life

Your 20s is a whirlwind of change, evolution and growth, and this includes your social life. With all the Facebook events, group chat plans, and text messages here and there, it can become really hard to stay on top of where you’re supposed to be next. Keeping a detailed and up to date social planner will avoid any double bookings or inconveniently timed catch-ups. This one will be for your free time, so be sure to pick a notebook that reflects your personality perfectly. Choose a larger sized diary that can be kept out on the kitchen bench or on your coffee table- find one in your favourite colour for a fun and personal touch!

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Your younger years are going to be full of adventure. One of the greatest things about being in your 20s is that you have the freedom to go and explore as much as you possibly can. On your travels, you’re going to be making the memories of a lifetime, so why no write them down to keep them forever? Writing a travel journal will immortalise your treasured experiences! Paste in pictures, receipts and other keepsakes to take you back to your destination every time you open up! You’ll want to find a hardback book that’s preferably in a darker tone, to avoid any markings or scuffs in your suitcase. Remember that you can always pick a dated diary if you want to double up your notebook as an organisational planner.


Writing a general, everyday journal will help to manage your stress, experiences and feelings. Take a few minutes out of your evening to sit and reflect on what happened in your day and how you feel about it, this is a wonderful exercise that really helps you in digesting your life. You’ll feel calmer and potentially more in control of your narrative, all from a moment of scribbling.


Being active is a huge part of leading a healthy and fulfilling life, so you should absolutely consider organising your work out schedule. Keeping your workouts tracked and scheduled will maximise your free time and your health. Note down any planned personal training sessions, group classes and jogs in your dated diary. Looking back at all the workouts you were able to do in your week is also a great way to feel proud of yourself!

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These are just a few of the types of diaries that you should consider keeping in your 20s! Explore your diary options now to elevate the best years of your life.

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