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Which Type Of Trumpet is Best For you ? Buyer Guide 2019

For those who wish to learn how to play a musical instrument, or for those already playing one, a trumpet is a recommended instrument to try out, not only because it is highly challenging, but also because it is historic, being one of the oldest instruments to date. Finding the best trumpet requires taking a little effort. These recommended trumpets will guide you in finding the one that suits you best.

More on trumpets

Trumpets are wind instruments, which date back to 1500 BC. They are made with brass tubing where you blow wind to create sound. They also have the highest register among the other wind instruments around.

There are many different kinds of trumpets available today. These are:

B Flat trumpets – the most common type of trumpet, which has a key range of F sharp to Middle C to octaves higher. It has a brass mouthpiece, silver keys, with nickel plates. Because of this, it can be quite expensive but still cheaper than other types of trumpets.

Piccolo trumpets – as its name implies, a piccolo trumpet is the smallest trumpet today. Its size is half of B Flat trumpet, but it can play a range of A to B flat. It has four valves, which produce a bright tune.

Soprano trumpets – high key trumpets that comes in the key of G. These trumpets are commonly used in drum and bugle corps.

Bass trumpets – sounds like the trombone, that’s why these trumpets are often played by trombonists.

Slide trumpets – instead of valves, these trumpets have slides. They sound like that of a soprano trombone.

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Pocket Trumpets – a smaller version of the B Flat trumpet, the pocket trumpet produces a warm sound that definitely counters its size.

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When buying, recommended trumpets are those that come with a care kit. The care kit will allow you to easily manage your trumpets, clean them, and keep them in good condition all times. Also, recommended trumpets are those that match your skill level accordingly. Be sure to determine this before buying any trumpet.

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