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Travel to Chardham and other pilgrim places in 2019


India is a land filled with pilgrim places for their devotees to have their time with gods and goddesses. Whom they believe in, it has been historically known as the land of gods and goddesses. Where the devotees have been flocking from all around the world to have some inner peace and prosperity with themselves and their sole. The land has been spurred by the feet of sages who have been living away from all the chaos of this world in a world created by themselves where they are connected by gods and goddesses. These sages are also considered as pure and one of the ways you can send your messages to your gods. With many-many different religious places to visit in India, so here I am curating the best char Dham and other pilgrims to visit in India.


The seat of Goddess Yamuna this spot is the source for amazing Yamuna River.

Yamunotri stands tall and glad between the mammoth pinnacles and prime ice sheets with the hypnotizing sounds produced by the Kilkiln Yamuna waterway.

The Yamuna is the second most consecrated waterway of India which makes Yamunotri one of the scorch dham. With the flood of explorers expanding each year this spot still stands hard on its ground without any indications of maturing down. Yamunotri Temple is arranged at the foot of Kalind Parbat and at one side Banderpoonch Parbat. Developed in 1839, its course of action of sanctuary satisfy the core of each enthusiast which comes here for a visit.

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This spot has built up itself with a passionate association with stream Ganga with just 18 km from Gaumukh icy mass. Besides all the common marvels, Gangotri has a unique spot in the core of each explorer around the nation with many come here amid their voyage of Char Dham.

Gangotri Temple is where maa Ganga lives inside the delightful white sanctuary. Before going inside the sanctuary pioneers needs to scrub down in the blessed water to filter themselves from all the cynicism from the outside world.


The most pleasant town in burn Dham yatra – Kedarnath is excellent and peaceful as anything could be. Famous on account of Kedarnath Temple this town is the most remote of all the roast has to reach. With the amplified pinnacles of Himalayas and the serenity wherever you go, Kedarnath will be a standout amongst the most noteworthy spot for any fan coming here.

In the wake of experiencing heavy rains in 2013. This spot has been revived for travelers to achieve their divine beings and goddesses.


A blessed town in Uttarakhand and is named after its renowned sanctuary Badrinath. It is a standout amongst the most critical site to visit in Chardham Yatra. Due to the centrality of Lord Vishnu in this town. This pleasant town is beautiful to the point that it draws in explorers. As well as sightseers and voyagers from everywhere throughout the world promotion have been depicted numerous. As for where god meets excellence.

It is effectively available by motorable street or in the event that you need to stroll towards Lord Vishnu.

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So with the unbelievable Badrinath Temple with hypnotizing Alaknanda River streaming between the pinnacles Himalayas make this spot a marvel to observe before your eyes.

Mahabaleshwar Temple

The Mahabaleshwar sanctuary close Satara is one of the old sanctuaries of Maharashtra. It was worked by Chanda Rao More administration in the sixteenth century. The radiant sanctuary is monitored by a five feet divider. And has two segments the internal region and the external zone. The inward part, known as the sanctum sanctorum, has Shiva as the managing god. There are numerous effects of Lord Shiva in the premises of this sanctuary. Similar to his bed, damru, Trishul, carvings of his sacrosanct bull and Kalbhairav (his protector); that relevantly characterizes his essence here.

The principle and focal fascination of this sanctuary is the 6 feet long Shiva lingam. On which just the tip is obvious, portraying the stone manifestation of Lord Shiva. The Mahabaleshwar Temple has an extremely tranquil and profound condition. Fans visit the sanctuary around the year to observe the quiet and serene atmosphere of Lord Shiva. The site has two additional sanctuaries close-by, specifically the Atibaleshwar sanctuary and the Panchganga sanctuary. Mahabaleshwar Temple is quintessential of the credible Hemadant building style of South India.

So here we have curated 5 of the best pilgrim places to visit in India. On your religious trip to the land filled with devotees and their gods.

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