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A Refreshing Travel to Affluent Neighbourhoods in Toronto

neighbourhoods in Toronto

Like any other country, Canada has its fair share of neighbourhoods that are equivalent to a luxurious way of lifestyle. Sure, it is not less than loyalty itself, the brimming surroundings with curtailed gardens, paved roads and southern manners…you will want to settle in any of those places.

Toronto is home to million-dollar investments, surrounded by natural settings and the idyllic stunning buildings are the art of creation by mankind. Who does not want a better lifestyle for their family? Who doesn’t want to live in a posher place to raise their kids? Everyone wants that but oh, so little cash!

How to decide where you want to travel and what a place to finally pick for yourself?

We have conjured a list of some of the best and yet richest neighbourhoods in Toronto worth travelling for and also seem to be the top contenders to settle down.

Richest Neighbourhoods in Toronto

York Mills

Precisely, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Toronto is a hefty place to live by. It comes as no surprise that the average price of a home is around $3.5million! Meaning those who live here can afford it. With cream top-notch prices, the reputation of this neighbourhood is safe and secure.

There are excellent shopping malls, best schools, the stunning natural landscape is something that everyone looks forward to whenever they visit it.

The community has a rich heritage and best places to visit; for instance, the York Mills Park is perfect for a day out. Craving to make a portrait? You can choose a layout perfect for painting or event taking a landscape photograph for your blog!

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If you travel west of Toronto, you will find the hidden gem with an exclusive neighbourhood. Travelling is easier if done on Oakville airport limo with no fuss and well, why not travel in style in the exotic town?

Why exotic? Because of major properties are tuning the place to be more brimming with amenities. The best top-rated schools in Toronto neighbourhoods face moderate traffic but an equally impending lifestyle of people makes the town proud. Huge parks with spacious homes decorate the natural beauty of Oakville. If you travel here you will find the luxurious way of life with the highest level of commodities. Old money is what this neighbourhood speaks for.

In comparison, Oakville is way quieter than other Toronto areas which makes it more than a perfect place to visit on holidays.

Bridle Path

One of the finest examples of an upscale neighbourhood, popularly known as “Millionaire’s Row”  is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto.

The title pre descended from its richly manned households as million-dollar mansions ($2.5 million to be exact) surrounded by acres of lands! It indeed sounds exciting place (and maybe a little snobbish) but where there’s money there are best places to visit nearby as well.

Luckily for a traveller, it’s just at the 40-minute drive from Oakville so if you had booked Oakville airport limo for your touring session why not extend it and go visit another stunning community? With more than an exquisite picturesque landscape with a million-dollar view in the background, this place is ideal to live for the wealthiest people.

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What happens when you are enjoying a perfect shake at more than a perfect cafe and all of a sudden you get toothache?

Ouch! That hurts right?

Where to find a dentist at the time of vacation? Quite a touch challenge but oh look! You just about to happen Sunnybrook a place sincerely dedicated to the residents who are either lawyers, doctors or dentists! Whew!

Imagine Sunnybrook to be a revival neighbourhood is famous for the professional niche which resides here. Homes (for about $2.3million!) have been passed down from generations and is darn expensive.

But like any other rich neighbourhood, the nominal estates are surrounded by elegant gardens with grandeur homes and awesome landscapes.

Look out for charities!

A lot of neighbourhoods are known for making marvellous charities as well, so when you get to visit any of the above-mentioned neighbourhoods don’t be surprised to see the number of giveaways and events being held on a weekly and monthly basis. Besides the fund-raising initiatives, these places are sanctioned for the best places to visit!

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