Trading Strategy of Binomo demo: Beginner Should Know

Many investment products for investing are accessible. Nonetheless, due to the ease of trading, traders often prefer options. Different, complex equations exist in certain money system while dealing.

For instance, stop loss measurement, cost, vs. reward calculation, etc. Binary options find things simple and easy to understand for newcomers, as traders must only determine if the price in a specified timeframe will be higher or lower. Traders are banking revenue if their calculations are correct.

It has been demonstrated that long-term businesses are more likely to win when trying to trade mostly on the Binomo demo site. This is not a commitment to high income to give up the roles for a long time. You also have to decide when to reach the market individually, and in the coming years, what direction to take.

Now, an investing strategy combining three measures is to be discussed. It can act as a pattern overturning forecast. Traders start opening beneficial impacts without any time with that kind of information and just a little training.

MACD, EMA, and PSAR strategy Map system

Each indicator must be applied separately. Click on the Preferences icon for the map to sign in to the Binomo account and find the value indicator. The parameters can be modified however, according to the requirements. They are indeed the Moving Average Contraction Divergency, the Exponential Moving Average as well as the Parabolic SAR.

Traders may want to set the indicators as continues to follow if they’re using the 30-minute candle chart: EMA10, MACD 12, 0.26, as well as 9. They are used to exchange with the Binomo system of the combined effect of MACD, EMA, and Parabolic SAR.

The current strategy in trendy markets has been established. When using this process, make sure there are clear price fluctuations. If this target is satisfied, wait for all indicators together to show the stabilization of the pattern. This offers the best possibility of productive business.

Open a robust buy market with the MACD strategy, EMA as well as PSAR.

The following indicators suggest that the downward trend is to overturn:

  • The MACD bright white line crosses and starts to cross its red boundary line from underneath.
  • The EMA10 hits its green candle on the value map as well as continues below the productivity and profitability.

If the upward trend ends and the downward trend starts, the mentioned transmitters from three variables are sent.

  • The white MACD line crosses and goes down the red line.
  • In the price chart, the EMA10 passes its red candle as well as goes over productivity and profitability.
  • The PSAR signifier below the cost stops and starts moving across the candlesticks.

Trading of larger Binomo time frames

Trades will last no or less 5 minutes. It may be useful for using proportional candle numbers compared to the analysis or investing period. If they evaluate the diagram in a 1 M-interval, the expiration date duration would be 5 m or five candles. However, they can use 5×15 m candles when they study the diagram on the 15 m graph. This will cause it to expire at least 1H. They can change this method according to the time frames they have selected.

Increased trading of timescales would decrease the volatility in the market and improve demand potential. Market analysis is often simpler if the course is evident, and the chances of major price swings increase. However, there are now more explanations of why extended expiration periods can become a path forward. The psychology of people plays a key role in trade. Emotional strain can be very high when investing in the capital sector and can rely on risk-taking rates.

Times trading in the stock market may be increasing or consolidating. The large majority is the stage of consolidation or a lateral move. The method “CALL low, Place high” seems rational throughout consolidation. However, the 1 M expiration period may not be sufficient to reverse or transfer the price.

The price for 2 or 3 candles will remain almost at the same location. For a five or even 15 m expiration period, I was using 1 m data to locate an entrance indicator. Either 5 m, 15 m, or 1h timeframe can be used for any other graphs.

Among the ways that trading groups can exploit market actions in lower timescales are certain brokers. No evidence exists, however, if it’s valid, they would most probably make a loss when dealing with the expiration of 1 m. It will mean a huge time to discover them when there are trader deceptions, not to know the amount that traders will pay for these findings. Why then take such an additional risk when they can swap for the longer term.


The combined effect of 3 measures gives very clear signals for the trading industry. Together, MACD, EMA, and PSAR provide data about the forthcoming upturn. You should, therefore, open up roles with them against the modern scenario.

Please be aware of the patterns of the industry. Then wait for all three variables to receive signals. We also perform best for roles that have long been kept open. For instance, traders can keep the place open for 30 or more minutes if they are exchanging the 5-minute chart map.

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