Top Wireless Earphones You Should Know About

Do you know there are different types of wireless earphones such as earbuds, headphones and neckbands? But all of the same features but all of providing different experiences in terms of music, comfort, calling and gaming. That’s why while choosing the one for you, you have to see which type of wireless earphone is comfortable for you. So you either go to earphonehq which reviews the wireless earphones or you can use this Guide and understand, which type of wireless earphone, you should go for.

Types of wireless earphones


You can call them wireless earbuds or true wireless earbuds, doesn’t matter, what matters is how good are these as compared to the other two which is headphone and neckband. Earbuds are called true wireless earbuds because they have no wires at all. If I talk about neckbands, they may be wireless but they have over the neck wire and that’s why they are not called true wireless neckbands.

Now the earbuds are good for those who don’t want any type of wires while they are traveling, in the gym, watching their favorite movie or listening to their favorite music because when you are wearing earbuds, your neck and your hands are completely free from any wire which makes earbuds good especially when you are in the gym so that you can focus on picking up weight instead of focusing on earphone itself. But when it comes to calling earbuds are good but not very good as compared to neckbands or headphones.


Now let’s talk about wireless headphones. Earbuds are very small and they don’t have any support so they have to fit and sit in your ears either with an ear hook or ear wings and that can be really uncomfortable after few hours of use but in terms of headphones since they are over the head they tend to be little more comfortable than earbuds.

I am not trying to say that headphones are very comfortable NO! because since they cover your head and ear they can put a little pressure on your ears and you may feel a little irritated after few hours of use but in terms of earbuds they perform better in comfort especially if you have over the ear headphone with soft ear cushions and the microphone quality of headphone is slightly better than earbuds.


Neckbands are similar to your wired earphone but the only this is that they are not connected to your mobile with wires instead you get a wire around your neck which will also help you to hang your earphone when you don’t want to use them.

In terms of comfort neckbands outperform headphones and earbuds because they don’t cover your ear like a headphone nor they have tight ear hooks for ear support, they have similar fitting as you wired earphones but in some wireless neckbands, you will get ear hooks that are not comfortable so you can change your ear tips according to your ear size.

The quality of the microphone in neckbands is also good because since the microphone is close to your mouth, it provides good calling quality.


Hope this article has helped you to understand which type of wireless earphone is better, now you can decide on your own which one is more suitable for you.

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