Top Traits to Look For in a Sales Person

Are you looking to hire a new salesperson to join your team? Maybe you’re thinking about making a career move into sales but aren’t sure if you’re the right type of person for it? Whatever it is, you can’t deny that those who work in sales are a specific type of person.

You’ve either got it or you haven’t, so before you take the leap and hire someone on a hunch or quit your job for a new position, here are some of the top traits every successful salesperson must-have.


Firstly, salespeople must be organized. This is a good trait to have in general, but even more so in the sales world. It might seem like a lot of sales are on the spot, and for the most part, it is, but this doesn’t mean the organization goes out the window.

Every salesperson needs to be able to organize their time effectively so that they can learn about the products and services they’re selling. It’s a good idea to have notes created and a robust system in place for off-the-cuff training. Some training will be provided, but a good salesperson will have their own system in place for remembering key information.

In addition, salespeople also need to be able to adhere to a sales strategy, requiring them to sit down and organize their approach in order to meet targets.


A timid person will never make a good salesperson, and this is because salespeople need to be confident and able to chat to anyone and everyone freely. You’ll be able to tell if a person is outgoing during their interview. They’ll likely be chatty and loud, able to converse easily without any stagnation and make the conversation feel easy and natural.

You’ll also know if you’re a confident person by how you react to people you don’t know. Salespeople should be approachable and happy at all times, and they should give people a friendly aura and have no problems speaking to new people. If this doesn’t sound like you, or if the person you’re interviewing doesn’t give off these vibes, they might not be the best person for the job.


A key attribute of a salesperson is being self-aware. This is because things don’t always go to plan and targets are oftentimes not met. When this happens, you need to be able to take a step back and evaluate your own actions to see what you could improve on in order to do better next time.

Salespeople also need to have good morals – any sales person worth their salt will sell on the basis of what’s best for the customer rather than what will make them the most money. It’s not easy to be able to evaluate your own actions, but it’s a key attribute of a salesperson if they’re going to improve and progress.

Thick Skin

We all know the reputation salespeople have: slimy and corrupt. Any customer-facing role comes with the possibility of encountering rude clients, so as a salesperson you need to be able to bounce back from such meetings. This is an integral part of the job. If you’re easily bogged down by criticism, sales might not be the job for you. Likewise, you need to be able to compose yourself and remain professional if a negative situation does arise.


Sales is a Marmite job: you either love it or you hate it. If you’ve got the passion, drive, and ambition, it can be incredibly rewarding, but only if you have the above traits, too.

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