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Top Ten Comfortable Chairs For Offices

In today’s world of increasing desk jobs, a lot of office goers spend ample time in their office, sitting in front of a desktop working on it. Though we neglect the importance of a good chair, it has a lot of benefits in maintaining the right posture and frame. An uncomfortable chair can be a deal-breaker for anybody, whereas a pleasant and comfortable chair can undoubtedly produce more work hours by providing the right amount of support and rest. There are different types of chairs, but we all should know the difference between the chairs and their purposes before heading on to purchase it. Most commonly we face confusion between the chairs for salon and the office chairs. Thorough research about the variants of office chairs can make the job of choosing the suitable one for the office easy.

Things to look in an office chair

Adjustable backrests: A comfortable backrest is a must in a chair. It should tilt backward or forwards irrespective of it being separate or attached to the chair. The separate backrest must also provide the advantage of height adjustability with the feature of angling it as per the requirement. If the backrest is attached to the chair, it must be tightly locked at its place so as to prevent it from suddenly falling backward.

Height adjustments: Search for a chair that has a feature to adjust the height to your own comfort level. Make sure that your thighs are even to the floor for ideal comfort. The chair must contain a pneumatic adjustment lever to let you bring it higher up or lower, complementing your height.

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Proper lumbar support: Pick an office chair shaped to the natural contour of your spine to support the lower back and slightly arch at the end of the lower back to not make a slump as the day progresses. Correct lower back support decreases strain on the lumbar discs of the spine.

Sufficient seat depth and width: Choose a deep and wide seat for enough ease. If you are taller, choose a deep seat and a shallow one if you are not so tall. There also should be 2-3 inches of space to easily fit into the chair irrespective of size and shape.

Armrests: Armrests are essential to take off the constant strain from the neck and shoulders. Many armrests have padding over them, which is all the more preferable.

Smooth movements with swivel and casters: The capacity to move around in your seat adds to its handiness. You ought to be effectively ready to rotate your position with the goal that you can arrive at various spots in your work zone for the most extreme effectiveness. Casters give you flexibility but it wise to choose according to your office floor; whether it is carpet, hard surface or a combination.

Breathable materials and sufficient padding: A material that gives your body a chance to breathe while you work for a long period seated on your office chair is preferable. Similarly, a sufficient amount of padding on the armrests and the back makes a good support for an extended length of time.

Top ten office chairs

  1. Green Soul Vienna High Back Revolving Office Chair: This chair is durable, comfortable and good looking, hence an all-in-one. It has an elegant black and brown dual-color look. There is extra padding on the seat and back for comfort. Pneumatic height adjustment feature for adjusting the position. It is ergonomically curved. The chair swivels a full 360 degrees for a wide reached convenience. The chair is also made up of durable metal.
  2. Herman Miller Aeron Chair: This chair is the most recognizable in the current business world. It is jet black color and sharp features make it stand out.
  3. Green Soul Black Office Chair: This chair combines hard plastic and steel for the structure and meshes for the backrest and fabric for the seat upholstery. This chair lays out support for all the regions of the human spine with its contoured backrest, neck support, and easy adjustability with 2 inches of seat pad thickness.
  4.    Amazon Basics Mid Back Office Chairs: This chair comes with back support. It has a padded seat for your comfort. It offers you a professional, suitable look for any location.
  5.     Amazon Basics High Back Executive Chair:  It comes with a high back and fully adjustable. This chair is capable of swivel of 360 degrees.  Its curved contours give your back support and your body correct alignment.
  6.     Urban Ladder Eisner Low Back Office Chair: If you are looking for a decent looking and comfortable chair for your employees, then you should look for the Urban Ladder Eisner. The lower back supports make it a great armchair with high armrests and durable wheels.
  7.     Steelcase Leap Chair: Steel in color, it gives enough comfort and with the durable wheels, it gives amazing mobility.
  8.     Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair: Mirra 2 highlights an upgraded back and a tilt system that enables you to quickly move to start with one stance then onto the next. This delightfully built office seat capably reacts to the necessities of a work environment in motion, moving effortlessly from community-oriented to entrusting positions as you shift.
  9.     Apex AM 5002: Plastic castors, Metallic base, Plastic armrests, Mesh backrest, Fabric-lined seat cushion with standard size lumbar support which guarantees comforts to the buyer.
  10.  MBTC Octave Office Executive Chair: This chair is easily available and is an essential office chair. It has a steel frame and leatherette cushions. It has a slight curvature to support the lumbar position.
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I hope this helped you in achieving the desired comfort in the form of office chairs. Let’s make our daily workplace a bit more fun and comfortable.

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