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Top Tech Skills to Master in 2019

Are you a tech geek looking for ways to give a lucrative direction to your career? If yes, then I must tell you that there is a myriad of tech skills out there which you can master to build a strong and steady career path. As technology is evolving at a rocket-fast pace, organizations are seeking professionals with the knowledge of a plethora of technical areas of work. Here is a list of the most desirable tech skills of 2019 for you to choose your space of interest.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is in the headlines of every tech newspaper or magazine today. Hence, you surely must have read or heard about the potential that this branch of science is showcasing lately. The events that were limited to sci-fi movies can actually become true with AI. It is propelling every industry to adopt high-tech machinery capable of mimicking human intelligence. Gartner anticipates AI creating business value worth $3.9T by the year 2022.

ZipRecruiter’s reports a massive surge of job opportunities caused by AI in the near future. Thus, building a career is the wise step to take considering the today’s business landscape since companies in the United States are offering mind-boggling salaries to AI engineers and specialists with an apt acumen required to develop and implement AI applications.

If you are thinking of taking the AI pathway to success, you can become desirable candidates for top-notch organizations by earning reputed AI certifications from relevant certifying bodies like Coursera, ARTIBA, and Microsoft.

  1. Data Science

Establishing a data science career is the best professional move one can make in the current age where companies are gathering data from every corner of this earth to add value to their businesses. Thus, a job in data science is guaranteed to give you a great level of job satisfaction, especially because data scientists are earning an astounding income of $108,000.

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There is a long line of institutions offering data science certifications that can enrich your career by making it easier for you to enter a well-renowned organization.

  1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has shifted out of the shadow of cryptocurrency and has been recognized as a highly utilitarian technology by countless enterprises that are eager to adopt it for adding reliability and transparency into their systems. Glassdoor reports a 300 percent hike in the number of blockchain jobs since from the year 2017.

In the U.S.A, the average pay of blockchain professionals is close to $84,884 per annum which is higher than other tech jobs in the country. Hence, this is an apt time for tech professionals to construct a career in blockchain by acquiring marketable knowledge through pertinent blockchain certifications.

  1. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is usually associated with Artificial Intelligence since it is a subset of AI that enables machinery to learn on its own by analyzing data. Almost a quarter of companies in North America depend on machine learning for running procedures. Therefore, the demand for ML professionals is huge.

Organizations are chasing ML engineers which is evident in various Job portals where you will find an exorbitant number of jobs opportunities for people with skills related to supervised as well as unsupervised learning along with modeling to create algorithms.


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