Top 5 Logic Puzzles To Keep The Mind Young

When it comes to your peace of mind, your daily habits have a huge role to play. A healthy diet, physical exercise, memory training, and relaxing activities sum up an ideal routine. These make it easier for you to keep learning new information while feeling more confident both at work and in personal life.

However, the mental stimulation that you gain with logic puzzles is the next level. Believe it or not, these keep you young and active. Games like Sudoku and Hanjie are easy to understand, challenging to solve, and keep you entertained, engaged, and productive. So stretch your abilities with the puzzles we’ve listed below and spend your time mindfully:


This one by Arto Inkala is said to be the hardest Sudoku puzzle in the world. The Telegraph scores it as eleven on a scale of one to five. If you’re a Sudoku fanatic, this one’s a must-try. And let us warn you, it’ll exhaust all your solving techniques. Try it to believe it!


This puzzle is based on a simple rule, i.e. to spot the difference between the patterns on either side. You’ve to determine some common attribute that’s displayed on one side but lacks on the other. Try the one published by Harry Foundalis as it has been most explored.


Also known as hanjie or nonogram, this game is a combination of minesweeper and Sudoku. A complex grid unleashes a hidden pixel image when you fill the cells based on the provided numerical clues. It sounds easy, but the strategies required are quite advanced. So try solving a game of fill-a-pix yourself.

Go Problem

Go is a two-player board game where your aim is to capture as much territory as you can. Start from anywhere on the board, but as a rule of thumb, first, target the corners, then reach the sides, and finish off in the middle. When you begin, it’s fun, but as you progress, the game gets challenging. The one here is said to be the hardest Go problem to date. See if you can beat the record of solving this puzzle in 1000 hours.


Last but not the least on this list is this popular mix of Sudoku, crossword, logic and math – Kakuro puzzle game. Your objective is to fill digits 1 through 9 in each white cell without repetition to match the sum of the provided clues. The one mentioned here is the world’s toughest Kakuro puzzle. Try out yourself and see if it really is!

So that’s about it!

This is our list of the best five logic puzzles to keep your mind young and fresh. Hanjie is our favorite! It definitely creates a fun and engaging way to constantly sharpen your quick thinking and your problem-solving skills.

Logic puzzles have the advantage of keeping players thinking creatively, even after they walked away from the game. Solutions pile up in the players’ minds identifying ways to solve the unfinished puzzle. Arguably, your mind can be busy with something else, but a solution can strike in your mind at any given time.

Players think of the endless possibilities to achieve their goals. Hanjie or block puzzles have also the added value of creating a piece of art.

Yeah! That’s right. If you are no artist, block games such as the nonograms can also provide that fix. Beautiful art is created using nonograms, including computer art, cross-stitch, and color by numbers. Artistic avenues are also a fantastic way to keep your mind and your well being in check.

Set up your space to play for a while, enjoy the borderline meditative state that you will experience when you get in a relaxing state, and let your logic and creativity applied in your mobile device or your computer do the rest.

With so many apps available options and online gaming, even some collaboration can happen. Make your game night a time to spend with other gamers that enjoy logic puzzles too.

Connect across generations with hanjie puzzles, senior citizens enjoy greatly spending time with youngsters. Finding commonalities that would bring them together is always a plus. Logic puzzles like these don’t require any physical activity, and gamers can play together enjoy time together on the couch.

Start a healthy competition with gramps to see who finishes the puzzle first, or who made the best picture our of it.

Incorporating a bit of mental activity for elderly people is highly recommended and it should be encouraged by caregivers and close relatives. It is also a fantastic way to bring generations together.

Let us know the one you try and whether or not a success was a close feat for you.


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