The style of coworking has picked quite a popularity in the country. Involving a shared working environment for performing independent activities, who sets the set up created here apart from the office atmosphere is the fact that co-working is essentially not employed by the same organisation.

Chandigarh has also picked the trend and some very good coworking spaces are in town. Here I’m going to mention five best coworking spaces in the town:


Regus is a known name in the sector of providing furnished and fully equipped spaces which you can transits it into your own space easily.

Regus offers a wide range of co-working space in Chandigarh at the most convenient locations like Sector 17.

Regus also provides a virtual office, a smart choice for those who want to be always present.

Corporate Business Center (CBC)

CBC is known for providing a wide range of space and facilities.

With a huge setup and efficient staff which helps to meet all the office requirements, it is one of the most efficient spaces in Chandigarh.

Located in Sector 17 C CBC provides co-sharing, convenient and flexible Cto all.


Innov8 Coworking space offers beautifully crafted workspace in Chandigarh where people can create, connect and grow their businesses.

They aim to deliver excellence through experience in design. Apart from being beautifully crafted the staff is very efficient and helpful.

They provide the environment so that you grow. Their clients may range from entrepreneurs to corporate employees.

They provide you with everything from conferences to musical night…that’s why it is one of the most loved places to work in the town.

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Next57 as the name suggests they provide the working environment of the future! Next57 is designed to promote the idea of working while having fun.

The office space is designed to be very relaxing and hence when workers can feel home in the office the productivity will increase.

They provide you with solutions to various needs of the workers ranging from networking, privacy and shared offices.

Their clients vary from start-ups to MNCs. Hence, they are providing the office space of the future.

Full Circle

Full Circle offers dedicated workstations, independent cabins, team offices and meeting room with multiple storage options.

They help you connect with co-workers and professionals sharing similar ideas. Several events are hosted to nurture skills and ideas.

The location is also convenient as it is situated in the heart of the city.

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