Top 5 American Flag Clothing to Support The USA

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see people adorned in American flag clothing; be it a t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, or shorts. Such patriotic attire is usually prevalent during special occasions such as Memorial Day and Independence Day; however, if you’re keen enough, you can also spot these colorful pieces of clothing throughout the year. Moreover, with the novel Coronavirus disease wreaking havoc across the globe, a lot of people have opted to wear American flag face masks. On top of being a preventative measure against the spread of this deadly illness, American flag face masks also spread a message of solidarity and hope during these troubling times. 

Ever since the first American flag clothing was made, there have been tons of variations in this type of attire; the designs have become increasingly creative and diverse. In addition, with the impeccable capabilities of ecommerce, these stylish pieces of clothing have become more accessible than ever. You can find American Flag Clothes for Women,men, and children in a number of sites on the internet. What’s more, some of them even offer discounts on multiple purchases, meaning you can get enough for your whole family. 

History of American Flag Clothing

At first, these clothes were solely made for military personnel back in the 18th century. It wasn’t until 1865 after the Civil War in America ended, when this type of clothing became more accessible to people. These items of clothing also have a history that is rooted in politics. After the Confederate States of America surrendered, marking the end of the Civil War; the American flag became more prevalent during political rallies, appearing in promotional items such as beer and water bottles. This was mainly to show supremacy over the Confederate States who had created their own flag. 

American flag clothing has also been worn by celebrities to show solidarity during devastating times such as 9/11. Since then, famous fashion designers like Ralph Lauren have incorporated various aspects of the flag into some of their designs, popularizing the practice even more. In addition, many leading apparel companies have also had several products that incorporate the American flag into their designs. 

Flag Etiquette

Still, not everyone has been receptive to these product designs; there have been a number of complaints about American flag apparel, with people claiming that it’s going against the flag code. However, Unless the piece of clothing is actually made from an American flag, there’s nothing wrong about the attire. What most of these critics allege is that the symbol the flag represents may be tainted by the manner in which it’s used; however, that usually isn’t the case. In addition, the freedom to display the American flag the way a person wants is considered legal and as a part of citizens’ freedom of expression. 

Top American Flag Clothing

Although there are tons of options when it comes to American flag clothing, not all of them are worth your money. When you’re looking for quality outfits, there are certain features you should definitely consider including the materials used and the printing method. Here are some incredible American flag outfits that are sure to transform your look. 


  • Men’s Patriotic Star Hoodie Sweater


There has never been a more patriotic way to keep warm; this convenient hoodie is made of an 8:2 ratio blend of cotton and polyester, making it both durable and comfortable. The upper part of this stylish hoodie is blue and is adorned with white stars while the lower half has red and white stripes, hence completing the American flag. The sweater displays a show of deep patriotism while still being versatile enough to use in running your daily errands as well as working out. The hoodie provides a perfect fit thanks to a banded bottom; in addition, it’s available in multiple sizes (from S-XXL); thus, you can be sure to find your fit.


  • Freedom Pique Men’s Polo Shirt


If you’re looking for a shirt that displays the love you have for your country yet keeping you stylish, this might be the perfect match for you. This excellent polo shirt is embroidered with stars on its left shoulder to depict the Union on the American flag; it also has a strong build quality for optimum durability. The Freedom Pique Men’s Polo Shirt has an amazing blend of cotton and polyester making it light and breathable. Still, the best feature about this stylish shirt is the fact that it can be paired with several other different types of clothes to create excellent casual looks. You can find these amazing shirts in a wide variety of sizes ranging from “Small” to “5XL”. 


  • Old Glory ¾ Sleeve Top


This is yet another incredible piece of clothing that is proudly made in America by Americans. The fashionable top has an impeccable design that can be paired with a denim trouser or shorts to create the perfect Memorial Day or 4th of July outfit. It’s made with almost 100 percent cotton which provides great thermal comfort; making it ideal for prolonged wearing. In addition, the ¾ sleeves make it suitable to be worn throughout the year. 


  • USA Flag Bandana


Bandanas are quite accessible and dynamic; one doesn’t need to overcommit when they choose to carry a bandana to express their patriotism. In addition, they can be worn on multiple places including the head, face, and arms, which makes them easily adaptable with numerous fashion styles. 


  • American Flag Leggings


With these leggings, you can showcase your patriotism in casual wear. They have an elastic waistband that provides extensive comfort and can be paired with almost any top for a great look. The leggings can also be used in yoga or for working out, which are quite ideal and resourceful. 


The clothes that people wear are a big part of their expression; consequently, you can tell a lot about a person by how they’re dressed. Although there are tons of other American flag clothing apart from the ones mentioned above, rocking any of the pieces that have been highlighted will surely leave you looking stylish. 


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