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Top 15 Awesome Birthday Celebration Ideas 

Awesome Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthday…!! The most exciting moment in one’s life.  Actually, excitement is natural after all it’s the day when we entered this beautiful world. Here, birthday means excitement…!! So the celebration is a must and everyone wishes for that. I would like to share some awesome celebration with you all that can elevate your excitement manifold.

I have heard from many that everyone should celebrate every day of their life and from these 365 days, the birthday is the most special day for all. So this special day celebration should be grand. So let’s know some secrets of making this day special.

Awesome birthday celebration ideas


Birthday celebration is never complete without decoration. You can decorate the rooms with beautiful flowers, candles, photos of that person, birthday related statues, or any objects. Decorations of the special day make one’s home also look special.

Outdoor celebration:

Actually I have always found an outdoor celebration amazing.  Not only me but many find outdoor celebrations wonderful in comparison to the indoor. The outdoor celebration under the sky and in the open air with huge space seems really different and exhilarating.

Surprise gifts

The word surprise really enhances one’s excitement twofold. Getting gifts in surprise…!! Sounds fantastic. You can gift that special person anything every hour or with different timings gaps. You can gift in different timings & in different styles. The surprise gifts can also be placed around the bed when a person is asleep. Also, you can fill the cupboard, or any rack with gifts to amaze that special person of the day.

Memorable video clips

Memorable video clips can be prepared on birthday occasions. The clips can include one’s childhood photos, family photos, photos as a naughty child, achievements photographs, etc. If a person is engaged or about to get engage with someone then those special pics will definitely melt his or her heart.

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Family performance

Yes, family performance. Sounds interesting. Right…!! The entire family can prepare a performance on the favorite songs of the birthday person. You can also include other guests or the special person’s friends to be part of some performances. The performances should be dedicated to one whose birthday you are planning to celebrate. You can select any drama, old or new songs, any acts, etc.

Special speech

Yes, some special words can always spread the magic. A special person should be made to realize how special he is for everyone through some words. A heart touching speech or a few sentences can be conveyed by family members, friends, any small child from family or neighbors, etc.

Special guests

From special guests, I don’t mean celebrities. If you want and if you can then you can do it. Hahaha…!! Special guests can be invited to the party where you have planned it. The guests can be relatives, friends, old friends, teachers, previous co-workers, or any person whom one can find a real surprise to see.


You can give birthday cards with amazing messages that express love or appreciation. You can start from small size to huge & heavy design birthday cards. Some also include special music when one opens it. These cards can be prepared by family members, friends, relatives, etc. Even one can prepare different cards in different ways.

Special grooming

Of course, the one whom you are planning to make to go stunned with surprises all day should look really special and different from others. So here comes the grooming. The special birthday person can be groomed like a prince or princess. Special dress, accessories, special facial, the hairstyle and much more can do up all.

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Reciting poems

You can prepare rhyming poems. The poems can be related to emotions, little comedy, or a mix of both.  Some rhyming words that could make a special person feel really blessed and loved by all.

Birthday ride

You might have seen a number of times the car with just married title in heart and name of couples in it. In the same way, you can adorn a car with special photos of the person whose birthday ride is about to start. You can put a huge “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” title along with the name. So with this idea let everyone know that the birthday celebration is in the air today.


Every celebration starts with dancing and incomplete without dancing. You can choose some evergreen songs and also the latest songs and make that special person become a favorite dance partner of all tonight. You can ask your birthday girl or boy to burn the floor and ask all to participate one by one holding his or her hands.

Favorite food

First dancing and now eating…!! Cook or order the favorite food items of the one who is celebrating his birthday tonight.  You can choose a different cuisine for eating stuff and also some special exotic drinks. Of course, the desserts cannot be left behind. You can pick the food items that are completely different and new to try or something out of your family eating trend.

Return gifts

Return gifts is a trend of many celebration and birthday celebration is one of them. You can prepare some amazing packs of return gifts for all guests. The pack can consist of some showpieces or sweets with a small message in it. You can adorn the gift pack with the attractive wrapper and a birthday person pics and flowers on it. You can also add uniqueness to the opening of the gift.

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Celebration really cheers a life. Enthusiasm for celebrating one’s birthday is the most cheerful one.  No matter what we do or what we miss but according to many, the celebration should never be missed. Everyone has their own taste and style of celebrating their birthdays.

Some have a simple carnival while some go for something very grand. Today the passion I see in old people & new generation for celebrating birthday actually excited me to frame some awesome birthday celebration ideas. So try these tricks and experience the real excitement every year.

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