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In any mobile device or computer, storage is essential. However, some tools do not have built-in slots for these storage cards. The solution for this is to use a card reader, an external device that has a slot for these small storages and a USB head to fit a particular laptop or computer. Card readers also help the easy transfer of files from the card.

To guide you in choosing, here is a list of the best ten card readers offered today.

Unitek USB C Card Reader

If you are after an all-in-one card port, this is perfect for you. United Card Reader has three slots, namely for SD, CF, and Micro SD cards. The other end of the card reader is USB-C, which is suitable for laptops and phones, making it compatible with most mobile devices.

You can use this and transfer files on the three inserted memory cards simultaneously. Unitek guarantees an eight-minute speed of transfer of 30GB size. It is very convenient, and there is no need for another port to connect with your device. With this card reader, you can insert the memory card and just go about your files.

Geekgo SD Card Reader

An upgrade can describe Geekgo’s card reader. It has four USB port interfaces; it has a USB-C, a traditional USB-A, a Micro-USB for phones with the OTG function, and an IOS adapter.

Its feature of plug and play is available for every device except for IOS devices wherein you have to download an app from Appstore to use such function of the card reader. Geekgo Card reader is appropriate for the on-the-go file transfer, which makes it very viable and convenient for users.

Sony MRW-S1 High Speed

The card reader that takes seconds in file transfer that is Sony MRW-S1. Its excellent read and write speed is made possible by its USB 3.0 connector. The Gen-1 interface found in this card reader is perfect for high-speed and quality transfer of music, photos, or documents.

Sony MRW-S1 has ports compatible with SD and micro SD cards. Though it has limited slots for memory cards, the speed that they offer for file transfer between card and device is their edge over other card readers. It also has a little light bulb indicating its usage.

UGREEN SD Card Reader

Files with massive space consumption up to 512 GB can be put through the UGreen Card Reader. This port has four slots for SD, Micro SD, CF, and MS memory cards. Transfer of files can happen at the same time among the four cards inserted. Time and speed of transmission is not a thing to worry about. UGreen card reader is meant to transfer videos, photos, files, and other more documents in just a matter of seconds in high definition quality.

This device comes along with a 1 ½ foot long cable, which makes it easier to move from place to place. It is a grab and go tool that will be useful in immediate need of file transfer between devices.

Transcend TS-RDF5K Card Reader

Holding a TS-RDF5K is similar to having a bag charm. It is light and fits perfectly in small pockets. Its traditional look for a card reader with two ports for SD and micro SD card and a USB-A interface, this card reader brand commits to the high quality of transferred files and documents.

Transcend is a renowned brand in the mobile accessories industry. This is why this particular card reader of theirs uses software called RecoveRx. This software enables the user to recover any deleted file from your memory card. With this card reader, no need to worry about missing data.

Anker USB 3.0 Card Reader

The Anker Card Reader is smaller in size than most card readers. But, it makes it unique and handy for the users. Despite its minute appearance, it can hold two memory cards at the same time. Accessing the files on both cards is not trouble because you can do it at the same time.

It also offers fast file transfer with a USB-A interface. The card reader is suitable for plug and plays features if you are in a hurry to access a file. It also has a tiny light indicator for easy monitoring of connection with the device.

Kingston Digital USB 3.0 Portable Card Reader

Kingston Card Reader can read four types of memory cards such as SD, SDXC, SDHC, and Micro SD. It also has a USB-A interface on the other end, making it suitable for computers and laptops with the same interface. It can read the file data with high-quality speed making it timesaving.

Its small and sleek design makes it very handy and can fit in small pockets of the bag or pants. The design of the card readers is built to resist any bump on a hard surface. This card reader is efficient in terms of time and space.

Lexar Professional USB 3.0

With a transfer speed of 500Mbps, the Lexar Card Reader speeds up the transmission of documents for better and faster work exchange. It can hold two memory cards and facilitate their interaction on a device at the same time. The duo slot feature adds to its versatility and on-the-go objective.

Unlike any other card reader, it has a pop-up style of port. When not in use, it is best if you put it back down to protect the ports from absorbing dirt or easy malfunctioning.

IOGEAR USB-C 3-Slot Card Reader

The IOGear Card Reader has three memory card ports in one device. It also uses the USB-C interface for a secure connection on devices. It has USB 3.1 standards making it a tool with high-speed file and data transfer to another device.

Its design is meant to prevent any signal disruption; thus, more efficient transmission of data. The plug and play feature also makes it an excellent choice for a card reader. The IOGear card reader helps in making file transfer worry-free, efficient, and immediate.

FA-STAR SD Card Reader

This particular card reader is designed for IOS users. IOS devices have a distinct port, unlike most methods. The feature of this card reader that makes it unique is the compatibility to read memory card directly from a camera. It lessens the ports through which the card has to go just to reach the phone.

The quality of photos and videos stays in high definition during the transfer. It can be connected to your iPhone or iPad. Its one memory card slot makes it faster to select and transfer files from the card to the device.

Storage cards are handy currently where everything is done on mobile devices. This article is useful to help you select a suitable card reader for your device. Buying card readers may be pricey and costly. To obtain them at lowered prices, get the best deals at Doing so will help you purchase the best SD card with discounts and sometimes on a package. Check them out on other websites for more information.

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