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Tips to Stay Inspired For Your Side Hustle Success

The side hustling is one of the most favorite topics in the personal finance blog kingdom (community). Whether it is washing cars, tutoring high school kids, blogging for your some friends, it seems that a little work on the side for making extra cash in trending amongst most of us.

While earning some money is surely the biggest merit for initiating a side hustle, the primary challenge that a number of people encounter is a meltdown.

As a blogger of financegradeup and financesbuzz, I acknowledge the fact that writing after spending 8 hours working in the office is certainly knotty. More often than not, I feel fresh and excited about a project, whereas, on some days, I can barely see myself typing on the keyboard. Can someone please get me a coffee?

Another way besides overdosing myself with caffeine in order to tackle this is by getting up early and working on the posts before heading to the office.

Though waking up early is definitely not me, but I think it may lead to something better for me in the long run. Making changes in a routine is a great way to keep your business rooted for a longer time period.

Am I the only one who needs a dose of motivation every now and then?

If you too looking for a reason to continue with your side hustle, here are some quick tips.

Keep Your Focus on The Reason

Many of us begin their journey of a side hustle with a specific goal in mind. Whether you want to punch your credit card debt in the face or double the payments on your student loans, there must be a reason why you need to come up with quick cash. You might have a much bigger objective, like pursuing your passion rather than working 9 to 5 on a day job!

So, every time you feel a little off the mark and think about killing time by watching TV, keep your goal front & center and call the reason behind your decision.

Counting Small Accomplishments

Giving yourself some credit is really important when it comes to side hustling. No matter how small the accomplishment is, celebrate it! Have you landed your first deal with a new client? Did you receive an e-mail saying your project was a success? Simply, enjoy it!

When it comes to motivation, nothing works as good as someone admiring our efforts.

Make An Atmosphere of Inspiration

I consider myself a visual person, so I try to keep a lot of inspirational stuff around me. My desk has a lot of sticky notes with my favorite inspiring quotes on them. There’s also a decent sized dry erase board on which I keep my list of monthly goals. Upon fulfilling one, I mark it done to see how far I’ve reached.

Visual reminders like these work for me and I bet they can be the same for you because they are an excellent way to pick you up when you feel low. Every time I am a little downbeat, I go through all my quotes, and I’m able to push myself beyond my own expectation levels.

Certainly, there is more to keep yourself motivated for a side hustle success. If you can add any other great ideas to the list, you can share them in the comment section below!

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