Tips to buy a CNC Router Machine

Right from sign making to cabinet, CNC routers are used for several purposes. It can cut different materials right from copper, brass, acrylic, PVC, foam, wood, fiberglass and many more things. The CNC router machine is available in different models and sizes, hence you should know which one to choose for your product. It is important to pick a model depending on the functionality and flexibility. It all depends on the type of business you deal in. Here are some tips to guide your purchasing decision.

  1. Drive system: There are three drive systems on a router which includes Ballscrew, Rack and Pinion and Lead Screw. Ballscrew is the costliest and can stand larger size of material with higher accuracy.
  2. Motor system: Servo motors are commended for good speed, high torque use which involves constant load changes. Stepper Motors are less in price and recommended for low medium speed and high torque use.
  3. Spindle: Spindles are motors which do the cutting. Check the abilities of the spindle like rpm, collet type, size, power requisitions torque and spindle motor type.
  4. Automatic tool changing system: If you need more than one tool, then an ATC system will help you in changing the tools effectively. It will lower job times and decrease operator errors
  5. Size of the table: it is important buy a large enough router machine which can deal with your material size and there should be considerable space for expansion.
  6. Weight of the machine: The more is the weight of the machine, the better it is constructed and the ideal it performs. However, if some business requires more transportation of the machine, then you should look for a rigid one which weighs less.
  7. Software: the machine will do what it has been programmed for. Hence, you should invest in something which offers efficacy, accuracy and periodic updates.
  8. Vacuum: The higher is the hold down strength the heavier material can be cut. Find out how much vacuum pressure the machine has and how comfortably the table holds the material.
  9. Dust collection: CNC router machine produces a high amount of sawdust. The vacuum system cleans the environment and operation area. Find out how much dust is created and weight of waste which should be collection and where should the vacuum system be sited so that it works effectively.
  10. Features: Check out the features of the router system. Find out about its productivity and how it requires no effort or supervision from your side.
  11. Router bits: Buy purchase router bits which more life. Once bought, ensure to maintain it and care for it.
  12. Cost: find out the cost of the brand, model you want to buy. Right from entry level to top notch routers, there are different types of routers at different rates. Pick the one feasible for you. Also consider the cost of installation, training etc.

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