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Tips on How to Take Care of Yourself in Midterm Season

Midterm Season

During a midterm season, your calendar is filled with a lot of readings, exams, essays, and other projects, so you are spending all your time on studying, buried under the piles of books. This period is very stressful, and you hardly have time to breathe. Still, you should remember the importance of taking care of yourself properly.

Now you need it more than ever. Keep in mind that your mental and physical health is more important than your grades. Here are some easy self-care tips to make exam weeks more bearable. If you treat your body and mind right, it will benefit your academics.

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Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is the basic human need, and most adults should get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep every night. In midterm season, plenty of students don’t get enough sleep, and sleep deprivation can have bad consequences for their health and different aspects of brain function – concentration, cognition, and productivity. On the other hand, good sleep can improve problem-solving skills and enhance memory. Therefore, if you want to think more clearly and do better at college, you should get enough sleep and avoid all-nighters at all costs. Even if you have to pull an all-nighter, you should find some time for taking a nap, for example, in between classes.

Midterm Season

Take Breaks

When you feel tired and can’t concentrate on what you are studying, don’t keep trying to force it. You are not a machine, and you need to pause now and then. Take a break at least for an hour and do something else. You can read a book, watch your favorite movie, scroll social media, stretch, do yoga or meditate.

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These activities can help you de-stress and relax, and you will feel much better and be more productive when you return to studying. The good idea is to change your scenery. You can go for a walk or take a bike ride to breathe fresh air. Spending free time in nature will help you restore your mind and body and gain inspiration for your next project. You will feel much better and will be able to do more.

Eat Healthy Food

Food gives us energy, but when we are stressed, we may not feel hungry or don’t want to go anywhere to eat. Sometimes, you may even forget to eat altogether. We all love cakes and chocolate and may eat a lot of them in times of stress. However, it’s important to eat right. You should avoid junk food and make healthy choices. Your diet should include lean protein (chicken, legumes, and beans), whole grains, greens (spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts), fruits, and veggies. In addition, you’d better avoid caffeine because it may increase feelings of anxiety.

Drink Water

Our bodies require water to function at their best because 60% of our bodies are made of water. Drinking enough water (about 2.5 liters), you will help your body stay healthy. Moreover, you will feel better while studying and work more productively.

Reward Yourself

When you focus only on your studying, it’s important to reward yourself for hard work. It’s easy. You can watch an episode of your favorite show, go out for a nice dinner, go and meet new people, spend time with your friends during a study break or do whatever you like. You will have a goal to look forward and stay motivated to work harder.

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Cardio exercises like jogging, cycling or running will help not only look great on the beach but also feel well. No matter how busy you are, you should make time for exercise because your brain needs more oxygen. You need at least three 30-minute training sessions every week.

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Make Time for Friends

Don’t spend all days on end in the library or your room in isolation. Human contact is important for your health and well-being because people are meant to live in communities. You can create a study group with your friends and encourage each other to focus on studying. You should be social and take time to attend an event on campus or just have lunch with your friend.

You need to take care of your studying, but you also need to take care of yourself. If you treat your body and mind right, it will benefit your academics.

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