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Tips For Investing On Plots For Sale In Lahore And Karachi

Tips for investing in plots for sale in Lahore and Karachi

For landing your silver-coins in a real estate property and reap gold coins in return is an investors main agenda. If you are one of them, you need to collect necessary information regarding the plots for sale in the cities you seek. There is a bundle of technicalities involved in this subject, but a famous platform named as Sirmaya.com covers your real estate needs and provides you with the best services. Here are some tips that sirmaya.com wants to share with you to push you through a wise-investment path.

Tips for investing in plots for sale in Lahore and Karachi

Gather the crucial information

You, being an investor, have the total right to be informed about the total area of society, approvals from the governmental development wings, etc. Make sure you cross-check the acquired details from the head offices of the developmental authorities of KDA and LDA when investing in plots for sale in Karachi and those for sale in Lahore respectively. In addition to this, if the plot for sale is approved and has NOC, it surely is a good option for purchase.

Analyze the Location

A colourful society map must not sway you away. You must concentrate on the hidden factors and check the location on Google Maps to add precision to the claims you have heard from the society owners. If you plan to buy plots for sale in Karachi, go for the ones near the beach, if you want to enjoy the serene sea-view from your window.

Analyze the Price-trends

If a plot on sale has matched your desires, you don’t have to be a quick fox- Take your time and put a glance at the price trends of the plots for sale. This will minimize the probability of your pocket from being drained on unnecessary things.

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Avoid Full Payment in the finalizing of the deal

It is recommended to stamp the decision of final deal with a specific percentage of the total- i.e. 5-10%. It is referred to as ‘biyana’ or token money.

Read before signing

Reading the agreement before signing at the time of biyana, is as essential as the property itself. You have to stick to the terms and conditions in the future, therefore, you need to be on one page with the other party, regarding the conditions mentioned. The commission, transfer fee of the plots for sale, and the other expenses like taxations inclusive, are mentioned in the agreement.

Consider meeting the owner of the property

Before you close the deal, prioritize meeting the owner if you are having the deal through a third party like a property dealer. If the dealer tries to avoid the meetup, you can smell the fishiness.

Consider paying through bank

It is advised that the property deal be done through banking platforms. This is because cash payments have no records, therefore it is a safe play to walk through the banking-road to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Don’t forget to take a copy of the sale agreement

At the time of transfer of ownership of the plot you seek, it is always a smart move to take a copy of the agreement with you for future referencing. It will keep your transaction away from the illegal and fake monsters that may arise to add darkness to the beautiful world of healthy investing.

To equip yourself with the necessary armour, you need to be vigilant about investing in the bustling cities of Pakistan. Where there is life, there is a real estate market. Sirmaya.com is the online property portal that takes you from plots for sale in Lahore to plots for sale in Karachi to make you end up with a wise investment. Stay in touch, keep browsing!

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