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Is Time Tracking for designers too?

Time Tracking for designers

Unlike other corporate or tech sector jobs, designing is about creativity. You need a fertile imagination to come up with innovative ideas. To boost creativity levels certain factors hold importance that include your environment, state of mind, people around you or your client/employer. However, all of these are connected in a thread with single yet most important factor i.e. time management.

Unlike smoothly planned work, a design may take weeks to pass through its development phase alone. It raises concerns among many designers if they are to be time tracked. They believe their work belongs to different niche that can’t be tracked like those who execute tasks online and within hours. But it’s just a misinformed opinion. Just like other professionals, time tracking is for designers as well. No matter which profession one belongs to, they won’t like to see their precious hours getting wasted or billed unjustly.

Besides many time monitoring software offer integrating tools which can be helpful to stay more disciplined and organized.

Prioritize your tasks

Being an artistic mind you may feel an urge to continuously hop from one project to another. It may feel excited but it will eventually drain energy out of you. Multitasking can leave you with so many incomplete tasks at the end of the day, and you keep wondering how unproductive you are. That is not the case. Assign yourself a single task at a time and take the help of a good staff time monitoring software for that. If you know your time is tracked for your ongoing task. You will complete it first before jumping to another.

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There are multiple phases for design development

You just can’t turn on your computer and start working on your design project as first thing in the morning. You need to brainstorm ideas, draw a sketch, then use technological tools for finishing project before you are ready to launch it. In fact there can be multiple attempts before you feel satisfied with your final output. How can you follow and keep track of ideas in your brain and work beyond the computer that you ought to do on paper? Many time monitoring software captures your keystroke logs, screenshots every minute and monitor you via desktop work only.

However, StaffTimer app is different. It gives you screenshot capturing feature as an option. The real thing is you need to enter the task. No keystrokes logs shall be saved. Time monitoring has to accommodate all walks of life not merely those professions where you have to continuously work on desktops.

Why spend heavy chunks of your precious time merely discussing things with clients?

Whether you are a freelance designer or employed full time. Your nature of job demands you to deal with your boss or clients all the time to know their expectations. It can result in wastage of hours by the end of the day. Why not take advantage of a voice clips feature given by time tracking software? Yes even your employer or remote client can assign you tasks through it thus in more elaborative manner. You can get their constant feedback in this way as well. It saves your time from engaging in lengthy conversations.

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You always know your productivity levels

As Parkinson’s law states that work takes the time that you allocate to it. If its a day it should be done in a day. Then why it keeps hanging at times? Because the deadlines we set were realistic but we were not vigilant enough of our time. A Staff time tracker is a blessing to keep you organized. You know that you have to observe the deadlines as they are monitored. Designing tasks can take days or even weeks, so setting up a deadline and then tracking your time will always help. You can even break your large projects into various smaller ones.

If you are a freelancer

Many graphic or web designers are working as remote workers. At times they have to coordinate with remote teams spread globally. Without any reliable time tracker it’s difficult to carry things smoothly with such sparsely located team members. With real time screen sharing with clients, employers or coworkers, many troubles shall leave you alone. In fact there shall be no concern for not getting paid accordingly. Your time was tracked.

Not only freelancers even if you are an architect or interior designer, even your full time job requires you to work off site. You can always enter your task and time assigned for it to stay on track.


No matter which walk of life you belong to. Either way reliable time management tools will help you. They have become a need of the time. It’s not there to bound workforce but to liberate them from many worries and obstacles.

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Author Name: Jason Cohen

Bio: I am precisely described as a tech junkie working in content development and marketing for a thriving start-up: Stafftimer App. Literature lover by default. My interests range from politics to social issues, books to tech trends, gadgets and so on.

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