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Three Fun Amenities Offered at a Tempat Hiburan Keluarga

Indonesia features a collectivist culture that is very family-oriented. It is not uncommon to see a home having one or two extended family members. As such, most of the free times of many locals are spent bonding together. You will often see parks every weekend packed with couples and their kids. Going to family entertainment places like an arcade, or Tempat hiburan keluarga, is also a habit for many. Arcades in Indonesia are featured with more than just video games. Mentioned in this article are some of the other amenities that you can enjoy at arcades:


Music is heavily embedded in Indonesian culture. As such, when family members gather together, you can expect music to be present. Often, they organise a bonding session over karaoke. Recognising the importance of karaoke in Indonesian celebrations, a lot of arcades have booths dedicated to this. In this way, family members need not go to expensive karaoke bars, which generally cost around Rp 100,000 per hour. They can just pick a few songs and stay for a couple of minutes at the booth before moving on to the next activity in the arcade.


Bowling is one of the sports that Indonesians excel in. Its professional players often get a podium finish during the Southeast Asian Games. For many, the love for this game started with playing at the arcade. Going to an arcade to bowl is cheaper than going to an alley that often charges Rp 5,000-20,000 per game. Additionally, shoe rental in arcades is also less expensive than getting a pair from a bowling alley.

Bowling helps kids to improve their hand-eye coordination. Regular bowling can also strengthen muscles due to the weight of bowling bowls. This activity is also known to burn calories since, believe it or not, a regular three-game series can make you walk half a mile just going back and forth in the alley for your turn.

Party place

Many Tempat hiburan keluarga have function rooms for families celebrating special events. You could book your kid’s party here and invite his or her classmates to a couple of hours of unlimited play. Alternatively, you can also give the attendees cards with pre-loaded credits to be used on whatever activities they wish. If you do this, you might even be considered as the coolest parent of the year by allowing your child to spend his or her special day in the best place in town.

Having your kid’s party in an arcade is not just fun; it is also convenient. You do not have to plan a program since you can just let the kids run around. Food, design, and souvenirs are also often included in the package when you book an arcade party place.

Arcades in Indonesia have evolved throughout the years. Though they may have been around in Indonesia since the 1960s, they have not yet lost their touch. Arcades have a special place in the hearts of many Indonesians. It is not just a venue where people play; it is where bonds have been formed, and memories have been created. Every child has at least one great memory of his time at an arcade. Going back here as an adult is always a nostalgic experience. It is more precious when they bring their kids along to provide them with the same experience they had a long time ago.

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