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Things to do during the exam: Advice and tips for the examinees

What is the test: We are all very familiar with the word “test”. Examinations are a means of verifying merit and evaluating academic progress. Students’ progress and improvement are assessed through examinations. If a student does not pass the exam, he/she cannot pass from one class to another. This is why some people have defined the test as: “The way people connect with schools or other aspects of your life check your performance. Exams are also a way of informing you of your current progress and ability. ”

The name of the questionnaire that is assessed is the test. The test may be as follows:

1) Creative Question (CQ),

2) Impersonal Question or Objective / Short Question,

3) Essay, Subjective / Broad Question

At one time compositional or thematic examinations were widely used in the examination system of our country. But at present, the prevalence of creative and objective questions is much higher and more effective.

Some test preparation tips:

1. Allocating time to write the answers in light of the question paper number.

The student has to divide time. So that you can write the answer in light of the question paper number long before the selection test starts.

2. Practice/practice of writing answers in the light of allotted time.

The examinee should practice or practice writing answers in the allotted time. So that he is able to write answers to all the questions in the light of the exam and no answer is left out due to lack of time.

3. Knowing the place (center), time, and routine of the test.

Must for the examinee to know the place/center of the test. Also the time of start and end of the test and the routine/schedule i.e. which day the subject will be examined. The day before the start of the test, it is necessary to take a good look at the test schedule.

4. Don’t wake up too much on the night of the test.

You should sleep moderately rather than stay awake longer on the night of the test. So that you don’t feel sleepy during the test and your brain stays calm. It is not possible for many to take part in the test well due to being more awake the night before the test.

5. Anxiety, Worry, and Tension Free Final or Final Revision.

Tests cause anxiety and tension for the student. On the night before the exam, all the examinees have given final revision. Anxiety or tension should not be taken if something is not recognized during the final revision. When you are worried, you do not know any unknown things, but you are likely to forget the known things. For this, the final revision should be given on the night before the test without any tension, anxiety, or worry.

6. Get moderate sleep and rest.

The night before the test, the body and mind need to get moderate rest. It is better to go to the examination hall with a cold head than to go to the examination hall with your head jammed while reading.

Things to do on exam day:

1. Keep the necessary materials with you

It is necessary to be ready to take all the necessary materials with you. It is a must thing before leaving the house before going to the examination hall. Some candidates enter the examination hall with brand new pens, leaving the admit cards or important examination materials at home. And suffer emotional distress as soon as they enter. This makes the mind-mood worse. So, before going to the examination hall, it is necessary to keep with us the pens, admit cards, registration cards, geometry boxes, pencils, erasers, calculators, and other materials related to the examination.

2. Tasting and eating healthy food

Healthy and tasty food should be eaten during the test or in the days before the start of the test. Some people eat unhealthy food instead of healthy food, preferring fast food. This sometimes causes stomach problems or discomfort.

3. Wear comfortable clothing: Wear clothing that feels comfortable during the test.

If the clothes are worn are not comfortable then the body feels uncomfortable. Due to which it may be difficult to write the correct answer during the test.

4. Natural work recovery.

Every examinee should do natural work/toilet work before going to the examination hall. If you need to go to the toilet to do natural work during the test, a lot of valuable time will be wasted from your life.

5. Arrive at the test hall at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

You need to enter the test center/hall at least half an hour before the start of the test. So that you can sit down in the allotted seat and start writing the answer sheet of the exam with ease with a little rest.


We have some parents who think their children’s exams are something different. They need to remember that exams such as SSC, HSC, or any are important but not difficult or terrible. So parents should be a little careful about the examinees. Unnecessary pressure to study cannot be put on them. Especially before the SSC Exam Result, they should be more careful about it. Above all, give a good test with good preparation. We hope you will get good results through good tests.

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