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The Top Advantages of 3 Side Seal Pouches

The 3 side seal pouch is named because it is sealed on three sides and keeps one side open. It is just a flat bag with easy tearing and can be fitted with a handle or zipper on one side. We can also call it a 4 side seal pouch if we close all four sides and leave a little gap on one side. It can be made as small as a candy pack or as large as a sack of 10 kg grains.

3 side seal pouches can be used for a variety of applications in the food and non-food industries. Some of the top ones include pharmaceuticals, beauty products, and stocking fresh meat, poultry, dried fruits, goji berries, or smoked salmon. They can also be used for single applications like nutritional supplements or packaging instant soups.

The sealed pouch can be as small as a toothbrush or as large as things that require scooping. The best part is, it comes in a variety of forms to suit your unique product. The following are some of the most important advantages of three side seal pouches:

Resealable Zippers & Easy Open Tear Notches

To keep your products fresh, you need to pick between a normal press-to-close closure or an easy-to-use zipper. For a clean, straight tear every time, pair any zipper with easy-open tear notch technology for your products.

Euro Slot for Point of Sale Displays & Merchandising

For merchandising or point-of-sale goods displays, it is highly suggested to include a euro slot in your 3-side seal design. This will give your product a new life.

Food Grade Materials

The three side seal pouches are made using the highest quality materials by the majority of reputable manufacturers. This ensures that the packed food is safe and healthy for the consumer.

Durable for Vacuum Sealing and Freezing

The best 3 side seal pouch is designed with tough layers that are puncture-resistant. These layers are also durable during the vacuum sealing and freezing processes.

Comes With a Variety of Options

These three-sided sealed pouches have a resealable zipper, a glossy or matte surface, a tear notch closure, a euro or round punch hole, an ergonomic handle, and many more features.

Food, Pet Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Hospital Supplies, and a variety of other sectors use this pouch packaging option excessively.

More Bag Volume Than 4 Side Seal Bag

The 3 sided sealed pouches offer more bag volume as compared to the 4 side seal bags. This is because the single flat side leaves more space as compared to all sealed ones.

Fast Production

Three-sided pouches are one of the quickest and most cost-effective pouches to create and fill. You can easily order in bulk and get them delivered in no time. It seems like some high-speed robot arm is producing these pouches without any rest.

Most Economical in Nature

Bags with three side seals can be used for a variety of products. They are believed to be the cheapest to utilize on a variety of products due to their plain-shaped manufacturing.

They can also be used in conjunction with zippers to offer even more value.

Increased Product Protection

The three-sided seal protects the product better and more effectively. During bulk transit, it resists leaks and other disasters. You can easily transport your goods in bulk without worrying about food spoilage or other mishaps.

Ideal Sealing Performance

The three-sided sealing bag’s sealing performance is excellent. The barrier is high, the oxygen permeability and moisture permeability are ultra-low.

The moisture-proof, anti-fouling, anti-radiation, and anti-corrosion properties are top-notch. The mechanical property is strong, the appearance is bright and practical, and the non-toxic and odorless properties meet national standards.

Currently, the 3 side seal bags are ideal for packaging powdered and granular materials such as fertilizers, insecticides, cement, grain, and so on. These pouches can carry around 20kg to 50kg and are very convenient. Features for handling, stacking, handling, and storing.

Difference Between 4 Side & 3 Side Seal Pouches

The key distinction among the two is that in a 3 side seal pouch, the bag’s front and back panels are sealed on three sides and folded on one side. The front and back panels of the bag are sealed on four sides without any folding sides in the case of a four-sided seal pouch.

The bottom edge of the bag is usually folded, allowing the bag to stretch and allow products to settle correctly at the bottom. This is a common bag style for ground coffee, spices, liquids, and other similar items. When package homogeneity is crucial, this bag format is also an excellent choice.

Multiple 3 Side Seal Bags, for example, are sometimes placed in a folding carton or box. After that, the package is placed on the shelf for sale. Allowing customers to purchase many packs in a single carton. The front and rear panels of this bag can be customized with branding.

Optional Features For Pre-made 3 Side Seal Bags

Below are some of the common optional features you can choose for customized 3 side seal pouches:

  • Tear notch
  • Press to close zippers
  • Rounded corners
  • Product display window
  • Hanger hole

Common Applications of 3 Side Seal Pouches

Some of the most common applications of this packaging include:

  • Pulses
  • Dry fruits
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Superfoods
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Chocolates
  • Baby Food
  • Candies
  • Supplements
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Bath Salts
  • Snack food
  • Namkeen
  • Pet food
  • Home and Garden Products
  • Skincare and Beauty Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Hospital supplies
  • Industrial & Another packaging

Wrapping Up

The three-sided seal pouches are a relatively new invention that is gaining popularity with a twist. These pouches are now being used by marketers to create attractive packaging with branding. The increased filling volume has been a major factor in the pouch’s increased value and importance.

These pouches have been the most cost-effective and fantastic packaging solutions for firms seeking some cheap and great options for a pouch packaging. They are also ideal for bulk production.

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