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The Epicenter of Lahore’s Future Growth Story Beckons

Lahore – a city of colleges, universities, gardens, and heritage has now become a city of societies and housing projects as well. Advancing days have brought much upraise to the property cost in Lahore. People around Pakistan and even sitting in foreign countries have started considering making properties in Lahore because of the sudden lift of economic growth. People are dreaming to purchase lands, homes, apartments or at least a single property for sale in Lahore.

According to a publication by Express Tribune News, it has been predicted that Lahore will be one of the largest city in the world because of the growing economy and population eventually. This will happen by 2025. Vice-Chairman of LCCI – Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry has discussed the industrial development of Lahore and adding a new residential and industrial plan to the current model of Lahore.

Union Complex a new luxury apartment residential project by AYQ Developer (Pvt) Ltd. has an upstretched locus of Lahore ample higher than afore. Union Complex Luxury lifestyle apartment project in Lahore is a one-of-its-kind project that has now become a great investment opportunity for investors because of its prime location.

AYQ Developers (Pvt) Ltd – A construction industry who is in the game for the last three decades. The company is headed under Mr Ayub Qadri, CEO of AYQ Developers. In 1919 they founded Qadri and Sons Foundry & Workshop and Qadri Steel years after. The man is highly enthusiastic and considered a market leader when it comes to his passion to work. Union Complex nurtured under the supervision of this thought leader.

Among many new residential project Union Complex is another huge project serving a luxurious lifestyle for Lahoris and a great investment opportunity as well. LDA approved this apartment project evokes myriad passion within investors and real estate agents for investment considering it a future landmark of Lahore. The distinctive architectural layout and luxurious interior are enough to cast a spell and mesmerize luxury lovers. Justifying all luxury standards with very reasonable rates makes it the best option to live in and relish.

Union Complex a project by AYQ developers has crafter new rules for luxury living providing maximum life facilities within its premises. Undoubtedly, Lahore is Pakistan’s 2nd largest city known for its value as mentioned before. In near future, it will be a benchmark for its apartments and housing projects as well.

If we could express the value of Union Complex, we would simply use the word “MARVELLOUS” because of its state-of-the-art stature and planning. Union Complex is present at 19-KM, Opposite Metro Bus Station No. 25, Ferozepur Road which is the most prominent landmark of Lahore. Its presence here is another major benefit for the residents as they have an easy approach to the Airport, Lahore Ring Road, DHA, Kalma Chowk, Model Town, Railway Station, Metro Bus Station, Motorway etc. This iconic building itself is a chief attraction for tourists in Lahore because of its appearance and location.

Due to its unique amenities, division of rooms within apartment, structure and prime location, Union Complex is perfect for the elite and upper-middle class. Glimmering with luxuries this sky-high building appearance is a must-watch thing. Future supports the idea of vertical extension in architecture. Considering the future need for residential apartment and luxury lifestyle, this project has been introduced in vertical extension with facilities including lift service, car parking, swimming pool, gym etc. This multistory building has set a new trend in luxury apartments in Lahore.

All the factors mentioned above combined will serve as a key factor in making Lahore a centre of attention city of Pakistan for tourists and investors nationwide. Thus serving as another factor for the future growth of Lahore.

For Lahoris, the luxury lifestyle has become a need more than a desire. The reason behind this is most people are employed including men and women both. Living in Lahore can only be possible if maximum family members earn their living. To ensure good income they like to avail services provided by some other companies or people. The lifestyle of this kind also come under the category of luxury living.

Due to the unexpected increase in Lahore’s economy and land prices, the property has become the priority for the elite class to purchase for either living or to keep as life security. The reason is enough for Union Complex to become one of the most irresistible investment opportunity for top businessman, investors, realty owners and people of high profile nature.

Union Complex offers different apartment sizes for different family sizes. Due to economical rates of 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed and studio apartments with outclass luxury features are super-fit for families or couples. Each apartment is connected to a balcony for the outside view to enjoy a cup of coffee. Following are the dimensions and positions of these apartments provided by the Union Complex Luxury apartment project.

  • Studio apartment – Gross saleable area (370sq.ft – 400sq.ft) approx. Present at 4th – 7th Floor in Tower-1
  • 1 Bedroom apartment – Gross saleable area (570sq.ft) approx. Present at 8th -15th Floor in Tower-1
  • 2 Bedroom apartment – Gross saleable area (840sq.ft) approx. Present at Ground Floor – 11th Floor in Tower 2 – Tower 4
  • 3 Bed apartment – Gross saleable area (1,112sq.ft, 1,236sq.ft, 1,284sq.ft) approx. Present at Ground Floor – 11th Floor in Tower 2 – Tower 4

Perfect cutting and division of rooms combined with luxury setup make Union Complex a dream apartment for living. Facilities available on the rooftop are an additional key factor of admiring this simply awesome up-to-the-minute project. Shaded glass windows this building shine like a diamond in daylight and glimmer at night which bring more glamour to it.

Union Complex is considered the epicentre of Lahore’s future growth story due to its marvellous structure and luxurious amenities it provides. This future-ready project is gradually setting a trend of luxury lifestyle desire in Lahore. Only a farsighted person can evaluate its value being in Lahore, Pakistan.


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