The Best Location Tracking App to help Parents Secure Their Kids

Though safety may not be included in the list of basic needs by scholars, it’s paramount in someone’s life. Someone will try to argue that shelter as a basic need is meant to protect kids from environmental conditions but it also keeps the occupants safe from dangerous animals or evil people. Well, I accept that safety isn’t only needed when our kids are in the house but even when we are outside. The need for our kids’ safety in our absence led to the birth of location tracking software and apps like the FamiSafe parental control app.

With thousands of parental control apps and software available in the market today, you should only use a reputable app. Most of the apps on the internet only offer location tracking nut Wondershare’s FamiSafe is an all-in-one app that is trusted by millions of parents. It is the best parental control app for iPhone, iPad, and Android gadgets.

With this app, you won’t be worried about your kids’ movement when you leave them at home. You will have the opportunity to call them or the police if you realize they are moving to risky places. It serves equally to your eyes because you can tell how far they are from your place of residence.

Wondershare’s chief executive once said that they created the FamiSafe application upon the idea of child safety. It’s this idea that drove this company to design an app to help parents track a cell phone.

The Main FamiSafe App Features.

Surprisingly, this application was developed with a mind of the risks surrounding your kids’ lives. It helps you to track your children’s mobile phones and hence their GPS locations, detect the type of content received in your kids’ phone, keeping a record of their movement, keeping the browsing history, and much more.

Monitoring the Whereabouts of Your Kids.

We may talk of so many functions of the FamiSafe parental control app but most of the parents install it to get their children’s locations. This is vital especially for parents who leave the kids at home to return in the evening. You can also track their location when you are abroad and keep them safe.

Small kids will risk being kidnapped by strangers but bigger children may move to areas of their interest and also land in trouble. Assume your son decides to move to a neighboring country or state for a “deal.” This could put him/her and the entire family in trouble but the FamiSafe live location tracking app will help you track their movement. If they tend to be nonresponsive when you enquire of their intentions to move to a particular place, you can contact the police to apprehend them.

If you have school-going children, you can follow up on their lesson attendance by use of a Geofence. This is a virtually created safe zone for your children. If you choose to use the school compound from the map on your app as the “safe zone”, you will receive a notification when they arrive or leave school. So, if you have the timetable for your son or daughter’s class you can question their movement in and out of school.

You can also create a Geofence around your home to know when your kids are going away. If you have a caretaker at home, you can call him or her to know where they’re going.

Again, the Wondershare FamiSafe parental control application gives you the location history of your kids. You’ll be able to see the places visited by your kids. The feature is useful because children could misplace their lovely toys. The location history feature will help you look for the toys in the areas they visited. This way, you will avoid guesswork which is inaccurate and time-consuming. This record tells you the exact time that your child visited a certain location. Though the map isn’t very clear, zooming allows you to see a precise location that was visited by the kid.

Browsing History

Today’s digital kids won’t spend an hour with a phone without browsing. Most of them use their phones to surf and wait for your ‘warning calls’! As they peruse the many pages of the internet, they can access some sites with harmful content and get addicted to it. Of course, content such as pornography (videos, audios, or written text) will destroy the morals of your children.

Parents who have downloaded and installed the FamiSafe parental control app can see remotely peep into the sites that their children access. If you find any site that is not good for them, you can block it and children won’t access it again.

Detecting Harmful Content on Social Apps.

Malicious internet users target children using social apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp to share their illegal content. Your children may be in groups that share harmful content. With a FamiSafe app, you will be notified if your kid receives illicit content as messages on any social app. The app also allows you to block the specific app receiving the messages.

Other Useful Features

  • Phone use scheduling.
  • Screen time control.
  • App blocking.

FamiSafe Price and Where to get it.

Wondershare allows all new users to use the app for three days at no cost. After this, you are supposed to choose one of their three subscription plans; monthly ($9.99), quarterly ($19.99), and annual plan ($59.99).

You can download a free FamiSafe app on Google Play, App Store, or Amazon Store.


Though there are many apps you can download to track your kids, I recommend the FamiSafe Parental control app as the best kid tracker app.

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