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The 5 Coolest Fridges You Can Buy On Easy EMIs

Summer is only a couple of months away. Now, if your primary concern with the season is whether your water will be cold enough, then it’s time to get a new refrigerator. Right from their inception, refrigerators have come a long way, from being a luxury item to being strictly a necessity.

Today, it’s impossible to survive without a refrigerator and while it’s an absolute necessity to have a refrigerator these days, high-end features and improved technology make many the latest models not less than a luxury.

If you’re low on cash, then it’s best to look for refrigerator EMI offers. You can pay the price in equated monthly installment without leaving a hole in your pocket. Here is the list of the five best refrigerators that you can consider:

LG ‘Wonder Door’ Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Offering a 4-step purification process, this is one of the best refrigerators in the market today. LG is always high on innovation and offers one of the best refrigerators in India. All it’s models come with an inbuilt health guard system.

You can look for other LG models and LG offers both single door and double door variants. The price range is from Rs. 12000 to Rs.2 lakh. When looking for refrigerators on EMI online, make sure to look for LG models.

Samsung RT 29 HAJSAWX

Samsung is another brand that you can trust when it comes to electronic appliances and this double door refrigerator is one of their best creations. It has mechanical display and control, moist fresh zone, chilled room, Silver Plus deodorizer, and digital inverter cooling technology.

Look for refrigerator EMI offers to get the best deals on Samsung refrigerators.

Whirlpool 410Ltr NEO 425 CLUB IMPERIA

The list of best refrigerators is incomplete without the mention of Whirlpool. Whirlpool 410Ltr NEO 425 CLUB IMPERIA is one of best double door refrigerators that you can consider. It comes with loads of compartments like chiller, choco box, vegetable storage, beverage caddy, and much more.

Made from real steel, this fridge has a cooling tower, quick chill beverage zone, chilling gel, and 6th sense auto cool technology.

Godrej 343Ltr 36 CVT4N

Godrej is one brand that all Indians trust. Godrej has a lot to offer and their refrigerators offer the maximum energy efficiency, even more than the refrigerators that come with a 5-star rating.

This model portrays an apex door design and has transparent interiors. Loaded with special features like crisper temperature control, polybag suspenders, easily removable gasket, and humidity controller, this refrigerator is a great buy.

Kelvinator 245 ltr KSL254MX

Kelvinator 245 ltr KSL254MX is an ideal pick for families and newlyweds alike. Offering direct cooling technology, Kelvinator fridges offer the perfect blend of function and price.

If you’re looking for refrigerator at the lowest price, the Kelvinator and Godrej are some of the brands that you can consider.

How to Buy a Fridge On EMI?

In order to buy refrigerators on EMI, you need to apply for an EMI card. This is like a pre-approved loan and you can use the amount whenever required. You can buy all types of consumer durable and lifestyle products with that card, when you are in short of cash. You can repay the price in EMI.

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