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technological laws

The Term Law

The true definition of just law is a set of rules or the conduction; which are developed by the government, legislatures, or by adjudication of a relative society over its members.

it could be intellectual property as well as socio relationships, technology; property relating towards state agencies and financing etc. now heading towards technological laws.

Technological laws

But when the term law is connected with the term technology; here laws play its role of its sanctity; by providing their right rights to the scientific society; as the original work of any law is to provide safeguards to its followers taking the whole welfare of community; here in this very ground, technological laws safeguards the intangible property that is creation of the results and consequence’s; such as patents, copyrights, the legislature of the relative society provides certain trademarks, patents and Copyrights. So that the intangible and at the same time intellectual property of one is being protected. As apart from its owner or inventor of that intangible property none is allowed in the society to use, process, sell or either make any distinctions towards it.

Acts of law in scientific society

Law plays the major role in the regulation of science and technology; whenever any inventions is made or any discovery which is bring forth in the scientific society; all the potential consequences of scientific choices and alternatives and all the major selective actions; which are likely to happen or such as well might happen at some point or to be true in near feature. probably philosophical as well as moral approaches are taken towards to the sanctity of morality by which the probability of any invention or discovery is determined including all the potent goods of the action. likely to result in either a good or the worse effect regarding the ethical results of scientific proportionality; and of the new technologies which results in the course of invention or of discovery.

How does technology drive an organization?

Taking both the technology and scientific applications to any industry, organizations or associations is what considered the need in today’s modern scientific society; the technology sector in the business is the portion of stocks including its development and/or distribution of and searches as well scientific and technological knowledge taken towards any industry systematically brings forth the exaggerated values to the goods and continuously to produce new goods or services with high added value; the value could be added into any organization or industry by taking the application of science as for example:

  • The use of technology in modern world means taking the Easiness in ones business, or by giving minimum output by taking the maximized input, that is the standard agreement of today’s modern technology, the use of inexpensive and lightweight equipment in ones society, of the relative industrial organization and firms running in that very society those inexpensive and lightweight equipment’s can be :

Microelectronics such as micrometer scale, microchips and microcircuits and use of microchips. when it comes to laws and legislation of the society; it would be against the laws if technology is used against the mankind in the fields of business organization and industries; as for example the action of piracy is completely illegal to copy and, distribute or use the relative software. If it is taken to the business; it is well accepted and beneficial to use piracy against other contemporary rivals; that crime of copying others information software and other data is caught in most of the countries.

Using of gadgets

Use of microphones or dynamic mics the sizes of these are that much small; they are used illegally the other may not know its presence.

As there are certain Legal requirements of listening and recording others voices; and it is illegal to use listening and recording devices like micro phones and dynamic mics; which are not permitted to capture any voices without ones consent. as one can use those microphone and dynamic mics within some limitations which are implemented by one’s society over its members.

  • As in many countries and states it is illegal as the sanctity of morality does not allow to spy any individual or have an eye upon them secretly and confidentially as when it comes to the use of technology in the mods of Robotic Bugs, Wireless Spy Glasses, The Baseball Cap Spy Camera. Or by implementing microchips other then the pets to traces ones position continuously without ones knowledge, could leave one to unwelcoming consequences.

The better way to understand technological laws in UK

To understand all those technology laws in a better it is to assign such job to The SOLICITORS UK  ;who could better understand the uses of modern technology in various fields and different aspects of life other than business.

To know the actual picture of technological crime’s

When it comes to use of technology against the moral principles or the principles governing towards the legislature. The technological crime is understood as in form of cyber crime; the technology crime are directed to that crimes by using of electronic devices and those devices which takes the scientific application; based on current contemporary technology to attack the other individuals in the form of their resources such as computers; their means as their cars or any vehicle they use as means of transportation here the body of individuals can be involved too or a computer network their mobile phone network .

Such crimes include the hacking of their personal devices this could be there computer;or any other digital device or any unreasonable use or distribution of data publicly or individually; denial of certain attacks on one being as if taking to the computing. a denial-of-service attack is a cyber-attack in which the criminal uses such illegal acts, networks or resources to make ones possessions jam and make them. Unable to use them temporarily or even permanently by installing such heists or viruses; like to one’s personal possessions to harm them.

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