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Talent management Practitioner and How to Become One in 2019

Isn’t talent management one of those pesky human resources terms? The one that most HR blokes are buzzing about in the HR industry? Wrong. Talent management is not in human resources management. Rather what you see in human resources management is the “pseudo” of HRM. One can think of talent management to be the sister of HRM. They are not the same, but sure they share similarities. Talent management though elevates the recruitment, hiring, retaining and developing talent – their skill goes beyond than just finding the right talent for the job.

What exactly is Talent Management?

It is a weight that is off the HR shoulders now. Earlier the HR managers’ responsibilities involved co-designing and supporting organizational processes. In recent times, things have changed dramatically. As technology and innovation rise so does the change in the workforce. Newer job roles require a newer workforce to handle businesses.

Talent is a quality we humans possess and having “quality” talent is what the organization needs today. Entrepreneurs, technologies, speakers, inventors and many people in the other related field have showcased excellent skills by the virtue of being talented in their field of service. There’s a deficit for talented people and this has always been a barrier for organizations to find the right talent.

Talent management is undoubtedly a significant part of an organization. Professionals in talent management ensure they go far beyond finding the relevant and right people for the job. Having a talent management in a company pivoting toward elevating the company’s HR, recruiting efforts and talent acquisition. It is a hiring system that overall manages the company’s business strategy in creating measurable and long-lasting business implications. Despite the growing concern for talent, most organizations are yet to have talent management strategies planned.

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Simply put, talent management is the optimization and building a long-term differentiation between employees and departments in pretext for the professional to earn a leadership role and take businesses to distant heights. The sole reason why HR professionals are looking to enhance their career in talent management through some of the top HR certifications available online. These are some of the best in the industry today – Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) and The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Which HR certification is right for me? Find out if it’s really for you.

According to PayScale, an HR certification could lead to higher salary compensation for levels of HR professionals, from an assistant to even a director’s position. Overall, there are quantifiable benefits of obtaining certifications – career development, shifting to a newer job role, or maybe a newer profile. However, if you’re still in a doubt choosing the right certification for yourself, you should first consider asking yourself these questions.

  • Why do you want to get certified?

An HR certification influences the chances of the candidate procure a secured career growth. The human resource is a vast field and there is a number of certification program one need to carefully choose. Certain certificate programs are run by former hiring managers and human resource generalist. No doubt these certifications will keep one stay in sync with the current industry.

You’ve enjoyed paying your time in human resources, what next? Now there’s a new area in the HR field that has caught the attention of many. Yes, that’s talent management. The facet of human resource management may seem simple, but there’s more that meets the eye. Well, you could be just the right person for the job, thanks for your numerous experience in the HR field.

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Majority of HR professionals have transitioned their career in the field of talent management. It is a strategy that reinforces the company to become a vital part of what the businesses stands for.

It would be right to say that taking up Talent Management Practitioner (TMP) offered by Talent Management Institute (TMI) is one of the best talent management certification body offering credible certification for professionals in the HR domain. Looking to get into a modern HR professional, then TMP might be an ideal choice.

  • How will the certification body support its candidates – the area of concentration

Taking up TMP certification is the perfect choice to advance your career in talent management – the new era of HR. A recommended choice for HR professionals who have been working in the HR domain for one or two years. TMP offers credibility by encompassing through the Talent Management Institute Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKFTM).

The knowledge framework covers topics such as:

  • Defining Concepts & Perspectives in Talent Management
  • Elements of Strategy & Leadership in Talent Management
  • Critical Focus Areas of Talent Management Practice
  • International Talent Management Experiences & Insights
  • What does it take to achieve such certification?

Through TMP certification you can easily get a head start in your HR career today. It is crucial for a candidate to do certifications from recognized institutes. Thus, TMI can be an ideal selection since it is recognized as one of the top-notch in the talent management industry.

This certification can be easily done by HR professionals with one or two years’ experience, professionals looking for challenging roles in talent management, and those looking to make an impact on the organizational growth through their performance.

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Are your HR skills worth in the current job market?

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