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Street Food Stalls and Restaurants in Casablanca – A Must Visit Place

Casablanca Morocco

Casablanca is a magical coastal city that is overlooked by most of the tourists. They think that it is not worth staying in Casablanca as it has not much to offer the visitors. What they don’t know is that Casablanca is a city full of history and architecture. Start your exploration in Casablanca by visiting the world’s third-largest mosque or enjoy some time on Ain Diab (the beach where rich come). You will enjoy your stay in Casablanca. In fact, there are numerous things you can do in Casablanca to make your tour memorable. Don’t worry about the food; it is excellent in Casablanca.

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Must eat stalls and restaurants in the city:

Casablanca is an important city in Morocco. It is a famous port in the region and a commercial capital where people from different countries to seek their fortune. So, you will find almost every cuisine in the city. Be it the traditional Moroccan food or modern dishes you will never forget the taste. It is a relatively westernized city with plenty of dining options so you will find Indian, Spanish, French, and Chinese cuisine as well.

So, don’t believe any rumors and must-visit Casablanca when you are in Morocco. There are various spots to visit in the city, such as the Hassan II mosque, King’s Palace, the old medina, beaches and many more. Since it is a commercial city, you will easily find hotels and resorts to stay in. Pick a hotel according to your budget near the places you want to visit. It is essential to mention here that Casablanca is not as atmospheric and exotic as the other cities so do not expect much from the city. But you will not get bored if you know what exactly you want to see.

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It does not matter where you plan to go on vacation; you must gather some information about the best places to visit. It will save you from troubles after reaching the destination.

Now take a look at the stalls and restaurants given below to have an idea of where to get the best food in Casablanca:

Restaurant LA Bavaroise:

No matter you go to have lunch or dinner the food at the restaurant LA Bavaroise is tasty. It is a bit expensive restaurant, but the food is excellent, and the service is great. They serve European, French, Mediterranean, and International cuisine. Other features include:


  • Seating
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Wheelchair accessibility

They also serve alcohol.

LE Rouget De L’Isle:

You are on a diet don’t worry LE Rouget De L’Isle has the vegan options for customers. You do not eat non-veg go to the LE Rouget De L’Isle where they serve vegetarian-friendly food as well. At LE Rouget De L’Isle they serve the Mediterranean, European and French cuisine. The customers appreciate the tranquility of its wonderful garden. It is located 1.2 miles away from the Hassan II mosque.

Meet point:

If you try the Moroccan street food, then go to the meet point. They serve pizza and street food. The prices of items available at Meet Point are not that high.

LE Riad Restaurant:

The next restaurant on the list is LE Riad restaurant which is located in Casablanca. With the 4.5 star reviews, it sells halal food. You will find vegan and vegetarian options too. It serves international and traditional cuisine. Go there to have lunch or dinner you will find yummy traditional cuisine as well as delicious international dishes.

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Resto Zayna:

Your trip to Morocco is incomplete if you have not tasted the Moroccan food. One of the best restaurants that provide delicious Moroccan cuisine is resto Zayna. You will be able to enjoy your meal while the music will be played. Since it is a restaurant that serves traditional food you will see many locals sitting in the restaurant.


Casablanca is a colorful city that has everything for those who come to visit. It is an important financial hub in the region. No matter you are in Casablanca for business or visit you will enjoy your stay. Eat delicious traditional food or try International cuisine; you will find everything in Casablanca. But make sure you know about the city, the places you want to visit, the hotel in which you want to stay in and the restaurants where you can find delicious food.

If you are wondering how you would be able to visit these restaurants, then don’t worry. Casablanca has an efficient bus service. You hire a taxi, then you can better visit the places as the drivers know about the famous places in the city. Also, you can rent a car as per your needs. It will be a memorable trip that you will cherish all your life if you gather some information about Casablanca before visiting.

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