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Why storytelling is good for SEO?

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“Hey, my name is Mohammad Afjal Hossain. I am a college lecturer as well as part time freelancer writer. Some days ago, one of my colleagues, named Moinul Hasan Polash, showed me his own local newspaper. His newspaper is very popular to the local people and he has some social engagement too. However, I noticed a problem that his newspaper has not any online presence that means he has no website for his newspaper. I suggested him to make a newspaper website. And I made him understand that the importance of online existence for a business. He influenced and after that I made a newspaper website for him. Actually the problems arise from here that he didn’t receive any traffic in his website.  When he came to me with the issue, that time I introduced him to ‘Search Engine Optimization’. And I suggested him to hire a orlando seo services agency that is Devsyntech . It’s really worked for him, here I am showing his 6 month’s traffic growth which is indicating a very precious growth! Now, Polash is happy for his online news portal because he already has started earning from his online news portal via AdSense and receiving sponsors.”

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Before starting the article, I shared a real story from my life. Hopefully you read it thoroughly. Actually that is the technique of storytelling which helps a lot in SEO as well as ranking your website. In this post, we will discuss how storytelling works for ranking any site and why it is good technique for SEO.

People love to read story from the ancient time. It is the nature of human to give attention when we see someone is telling story. And the SEO specialists of all over the world apply the storytelling technique for SEO.

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How Can Storytelling Technique Improve Website’s Rank

There are lots of example in real world that the top online marketer used to share his real life story in his blog. Even followers are looking very interested to know about the person. For seeing real example, you can visitor NichePursuits which is owned by Spencer Haws. He is a SEO specialist and he shares his real life experience, business case studies and even his earning. It seems people like to know his story and share Spenser’s story on their social media profile as well.

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Now, probably a question arise in your mind that why people are using storytelling and how it will be benefited for SEO. Actually, there are some SEO issues which is covered if you can use storytelling technique properly in your blog.

1.     Increase Click-through Rate

Storytelling will help you creating brand royalty, because already people know you reading your real life story! For increase click though rate, it is very important to increase your brand royalty. On the SERPs, if you are in 4th position and you get more click than 1st, 2nd and 3rd, you will have higher chances you’re your website rank on top. It happens, because you have brand royalty and people come to your site that’s why search engine also will give you priority as well.

2.    User Engagement – Decrease Bounce Rate

I think you notice that I start this article with a story of mine and I expect you read thoroughly. It normally takes 25-35 seconds to read whole story. When people come on this post, everyone will read the story and in this way I can reduce my bounce rate. If you have a website with below 30% bounce rate, it is good for SEO. Because, SERPs records the date of users engagement in your site. If your content is helpful then user engagement will be higher. Storytelling helps you to decrease bounce rate and increase user engagement. Shortly we can say, when you make a website for helping your audience, we can gain better position on SERPs.

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3.    Backlink Building

Search Engine likes unique topic. Storytelling is a technique to write about your real life experience which will be the most unique for SERPs. If you can use storytelling technique effectively, then you can expect some auto quality backlink for your website. Because other bloggers love your story and they want to share your story on their blog. We all know that backlink is one of the key factors of SEO, so you should grab the chance of storytelling technique for betterment your website’s rank on SERPs.

4.    Social Media Exploration

At present, social media is a great traffic sources. Storytelling helps you to explore your existence on social media platform. It is not directly linked with getting rank, however it directly drives traffic on your website and create your brand value as well. Make your story shareable and interesting so that your followers can love to share your story on their social media profile.

5 Storytelling Tips (At a glance)

  1. Start with a character’s story but not about your company’s story.
  2. Focus on: Who, What, Why & How. That means: who’s the main character, what’s the problem, why the problem arise and how we can solve the problem.
  3. Make suspense in your story which will attract people more to read your story.
  4. Story should be related to your brand or message what you want to discover in front of your audience.
  5. Include your message on `problem solving stage’, and clarify your brand’s responsibility about solving the problem.

Finally Write For Your Audience, Not For Search Engine

Google don’t like you to write for Google or for your website. It prefer you to write for your audience. So, you should add value for your audience on your blog. Don’t be spam on storytelling. You shouldn’t think about SEO, rank or keyword density. Google prefer if you write genuine content for your users.

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You should use storytelling technique for SEO carefully. For your understanding, I start this content with my real life story. You can take the story as sample. You should follow 100% guidelines of storytelling that I already have discussed in following for getting success. We wish for your successful blogging career. Happy Blogging!

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