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Starting Travel Agency Business! Make Technology Your Counterpart

People are travelling more and more, some for expanding their business, or for recreation or for many other purposes. Travelling is a natural human instinct that has been enticing people since antiquity. But with the advancement in technology, which made the travel process more comfortable and accessible, people are exploring the world tremendously. To accommodate this large number of travelers, travel industry had to go through a lot of modification in terms of technology and travel services. Travelers take refuge to online travel agencies that have the capability to facilitate them with all required travel products- from booking a flight, bus, car, train or accommodating someone in a hotel of his choice.

If you are aspiring to start your own travel agency business, here are some points, which you need to consider.

Travel agencies have gone through a tremendous change during the course of time. Now, travel agencies don’t just allow the user to book a flight or other transport facilities, but also let them book a whole package of travel products of their own choice to make their journey more convenient. Travel agencies are opening new doors to earn more profit by customizing the travel service products, which include holiday packages, business tour packages or any niche ones.


All these facilities can be possible, only you have a strong access to the inventory of airlines and hotels on a global platform. If you are determined to make it bigger in the industry, the first and foremost thing you should consider is developing online presence for your business. People are most likely to look for their required services through online search. So having a tight hold on online search is a key feature. This will make your agency reliable among the clients.

Now the question arises that how will you come up with an effective solution to make your start-up trustworthy and reliable source for clients? You need the best travel portal development company which can accommodate your agency with a robust travel technology solution. But when you are new to the industry, you obviously would hesitate to bear extra expenses. Well, since you are already in market, you definitely want to get benefits. A website can be the solution for it. Here is a list for you to as how technology can change the outlook of your company:

  • Hire a company that can provide you a robust B2C and B2B white label solution
  • A cost effective website or mobile-friendly application has the potential to outreach to broader market than on-field marketing
  • Provides higher commission from airlines and hotels
  • Avails uninterrupted booking facilities
  • Instant and responsive portal can generate mass interest
  • Generate invoices
  • E-ticket facility
  • Online payment gateway
  • Customized website, so that when necessary you can make changes to keep pace with the market
  • Provides admin panel to track the booking fare published on the website
  • Provides automation of credit of commission just after the issuance of the ticket

Nowadays, travel agency of every size and shape are taking shelter under technology as they have understood, how much it is important to have an online presence to survive in the market. if you are starting a new travel agency, you must consider this essential factor to stay ahead in the industry.

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