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Slingo: How Technology Combines Bingo and Slots into One Game

We all assume that we are living in the best era on this earth and all credit for that goes to the technology that is being innovated continuously. We have got everything we need at our fingertips with smartphones. In order to render comfort and easy/fast access, we have a variety of features on our phone.

That’s how technology encompasses and multiple things in one to enrich the user experience. Similar to that, online casinos have a roster of multiple casino games where players can play their favorite casino games like poker, roulette, bingo, slotxo, and many others. But have you heard about Slingo?

Slingo – The Best of the Two Games

Online casino game developers and digital casino platforms always strive to get some interesting and a naval thing for the players that will enrich their gaming experience. And among the many of the strategies used by them is to combine some games into a single game in order to offer double entertainment. The best example of this is Slingo.

Just like our title, as well as the name of the game, speaks for itself that Slingo is a combination of two of the most popular casino games i.e. slots and bingo. Several online casinos like 888ladies where players can play Slingo and also try the game free of charge. Technology plays a very important role since without the internet Slingo could not be possible.

Slingo might be a new name of some of you but it appeared nearly twenty-five years ago. It was created by Sal Falciglia and Dave Lyons in the first half of the 1990s when online casinos were in their infancy. Slingo is currently owned by Gaming Realms.

What Does Technology Play Role in Combining Bingo and Slots into Slingo?

As of now, a few online casinos like 888ladies feature Slingo and it is an online game so, it can be played at online casinos only. Here, players have to spin reels just as they do in the slots and they have to cross off the numbers on the cards given to them similar to the gameplay of the bingo. So, it can be said a slot game which could bring an enriching twist on traditional bingo game.

So, in this unique experience of the game, the player gets a digital card with a 5×5 grid. Then just like slots, spin the reels to get matched numbers designated on the 5×5 card. Every time they spin reels of the slot machine, it will show the series of numbers. Now if they have those numbers on the card then cross them off.

With the developing technology and to render unique experience to the players, Slingo developers provide a variety of Slingo game types. Depending on the type of the Slingo game, players can play the game as single-player or with other players all across the game. In a single-player game, the player plays against the house and he/she has to get maximum matches of the numbers and win cash prizes. On the other hand, in a multi-player game, he/she has to score more than other players by crossing off the numbers on the Slingo card before other players.

The video slots and bingo are combined here to offer a very unique gameplay experience and with a reliable online casino, you can enjoy it in high-definition visual and audio.

What Does Technology Hold for Slingo in the Future?

The online casino industry is very quick to incorporate new changes and Slingo is a new change in itself. Just like other casino games, Slingo could get benefits from the new technology improvements. Since the future of VR or Virtual Reality seems bright, its already a new trend at online casinos and it can be introduced to Slingo as well. Playing the game with VR headsets would be an amazing sa gaming experience by offering some innovative visualization of reel and bingo cards to cross off. Since the video slots are extensive now, VR in Slingo is just about to come.

So, now you know Slingo is simple in its way but the technological merger of these two of your favorite casino games has something unique thing to offer.

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