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Sleep Deficit in Young People and Tech Devices – Help Them with Android Parental Control App

Young people aged 15 to 24 suffer from a sleep deficit. This is shown in a survey conducted in December 2017 by Opinion Way for the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INVS). The majority of young people are aware that they do not sleep enough because 88% feel that they lack sleep on weekdays or weekends. The bedtime on weekdays would be on average 23h20 and that the sunrise at 7h02. At the weekend, the time of falling asleep is postponed to 0:49 and that of rising at 9:43 on average.

While the recommended sleep time is 8 hours per night at this age, almost 40% of youth would sleep less than seven hours per night, which is not without impact on health and life balance: less school performance, sleep disorders, increased risk of overweight…


The main factor involved in this sleep deprivation is the increased use of tech devices, i.e. the night practice of screens . 83% of young people would do their favorite digital activities in bed before turning a blind eye. However, the blue light screens stimulates the awakening and causes an intellectual excitement, not conducive to falling asleep. To cope with this deficit, young people sometimes resort to solutions that prove ineffective, even counterproductive: taking excitants, fat mornings to compensate, naps of more than an hour… Experts recommend to stop all activity on screens at least an hour before going to bed, adopt regular sleep schedules, avoid taking excitants and practice at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

How can you help your kids leave tech devices before sleeping?

Well, making a young kid leave his device before bedtime is a difficult task but with the use of Android parental control app, the chore becomes easy and fun. All you need is a FamilyTime – Android parental control app installed on your device and on the device of your kid.

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Once you have it installed, just create schedules of tech-free timings and put them into the app. Later, everything will be done automatically. This means that onceyou specify the time slots, the app will lock down your kids’sdevice at the specified time and they would not be able to use them for the reset of the night. This way, you can help them have a healthy sleep. This is not the only feature of FamilyTime app; rather there are many other supporting features such as setting up the app usage limit; app blocking, screen monitoring, and nonetheless remote lock for the device etc. Do you wish to try the FamilyTime app for free now? You can! Just go to the app store on your phone and get the trail version of the app from there.

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