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Simple Cooking Tips You Need to Memorize!

Here is a deal for you! We have some simple cooking tips for you. Upon memorizing these cooking tips, your cooking job is going to become frustration-free.

In addition, these are crucial, result-driven, and time-saving cooking tips that can help you each day.

If you know some other hack that is related to simplify a cooking task, then share that with us. Besides, we suggest you wear high-quality gloves whenever you do BBQ or grilling.

Heavily Salt Your Pasta Water To Make It More Delicious And Flavorful

To make your pasta immensely flavorful, we have this great tip for you. What you need to do is to heavily salt this pasta water of yours.

By doing so, the pasta will be able to absorb more amount of salt and end up giving you 200% delicious pasta.

It is recommended to go for one tablespoon of salt for every four quarts of water. That is a good and sufficient ratio that you can go for.

Boiling water first of all to get perfectly-boiled eggs

To get perfectly-boiled eggs, we have this simple cooking suggestion for you. You need to boil the water first of all!

This is how you can have a soft-boiled egg with perfection.

Furthermore, you can cook your eggs for around and about 6 minutes to get a soft-boiled texture of them. On the other hand, you can boil them for 12 minutes to enjoy the hard-boiled texture of them.

Consistently Keep Your Knives Completely Sharp Enough

Moving to more of the simple cooking tips, your home knives have to remain sharp enough. It is advised to sharpen them at least once a year.

By doing so, you can precede your cutting job faster and they are going to become disturb-free for you.

Sharp knives give an easy time to your wrists. Besides, if you see that your teeth knives are misaligned or bent, then you need to hone your knife professionally.

Carefully Read Out the Whole Recipe and Then Start Cooking

It is important for you to carefully read and go through the recipe that you want to make and then get started on with your cooking job.

If you cook and read recipes side by side, then your meal will not be cooked perfectly.

So, first, understand the recipe so that your cooking time may not get any of the surprises.

Measure Your Ingredients Properly and Carefully

Before you toss your vegetables or any ingredients in the pan, make sure that you do measure them carefully.

Take a small measuring container and measure your pre-chop vegetables in it. This way, your cooked meal can meet your taste expectations.

Hence, upon measuring these ingredients, the perfect taste will come onto your meal.

Avoid Measuring Flour in A Measuring Cup

If you measure flour in a measuring cup, then avoid doing so. It is advised not to scoop your flour in any kind of measuring cup.

This practice compact flour and you may end up using more flour content. According to the experts, you can stir flour so that it can be fluffed up.

After that, you can spoon it slowly and gently into the measuring cup. Furthermore, you level it off with the help of a knife.

Baking Experts Should Invest in A Measuring Scale

If you love baking, then you need to buy a measuring scale for yourself. Scales give you accurate measurements and also volume measurements regarding how much ingredients are needed if you are making a cake!

Even more, you can only bake professionally if you add accurate and exact ingredients in it.

Keep Fresh Herbs in Water to Last Them Longer

If you do not know how to keep your fresh herbs last for a longer time, here we are going to tell you.

It is suggested to keep them in water; this is how you can extend the life of your fresh herbs. Furthermore, you can take a fresh cup of water and keep that fresh herb cut stem in it.

The last step is to cover and secure it in plastic and then refrigerate it.

Toasting Grains Enhance Their Flavor

Before you boil your grains, you should toast them so that you can instantly enhance and boost their flavor.

This is a tested and proven tip that you can follow!

You can try out this same tip with nuts and spices and see the best results.


There is more to come from this cooking area side, so keep tuned with us.

Those who have memorized some other easy to follow cooking tips, then convey and share with us.

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