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How To Set Up Your New Ubiquiti Networks Unifi Access Point Models?

Setting up a new connection is always quite a big decision. Not only because of the fact that you have to configure everything from bock bottom but also the fact that you have to make changes in terms of distribution signals to the devices that you usually connect or are usually connected in an office. So, today we are going to discuss the entire procedure of how one can set up Ubiquiti Networks Access Point without any trouble.

Though, it is always recommended to users that they should get help in setting up from professionals who have been trained and have gained Ubiquiti certifications from a reputed training school such as mits-co.com. But, if you are confident and know the basics of the Access point network connections, then all you have to do is to make sure that you go through all the steps that are mentioned down below. So, let’s get started.

What is Unifi AP?

Unifi AP or Unifi Access Points are the indoor range of wireless transmitters or what we usually call WI-FI transmitters. Now, their series of Wireless transmitters are quite long and here are some of the products that they manufacture in their WIFI transmitter section:

  • Unifi AP
  • Unifi AP-LR
  • Unifi AP-AC
  • Unifi AP-AC-LR

These are some of the most popular products that are manufactured and sold by Ubiquiti Networks. Now, as we have an idea of what the products are that this article is talking about, let’s move on the to the setting up procedures.

Steps required setting up an Unifi AP

Step 1: Connecting the Hardware

  • Start with connecting the power cord to the Unifi AP
  • After that, plug the Ethernet cable to the Broadband Modem, and you can also connect it via your old WAN port or router
  • Make sure that you plug your Ethernet cable in the Port 1 of the USW as it is the input port of the device
  • Connect the other Ethernet cable from the USW and insert it into the PoE.
  • Lastly, connect the Output Ethernet cable into the device which you want to connect from the internet such as Laptop or Computer

Step 2: Installing UniFi Controller Software

  • Once you have connected all the hardware, you will get the internet access in your device though it is only present at the time being to access the Cloud portal
  • Start with creating an account on Ubiquiti Networks’ website. Once done, come back to UniFi Cloud Access Portal and sign in with the required information
  • You will come across an UniFi User Guide, go to Chapter 2 on the guide and follow all the steps given there.

This is all that you have to do in order to set up your new Ubiquiti Networks Access point for your Indoor use. For some, these steps might seem like quite a big of a task as not everyone is as good with technical things as others. So, make sure to contact a Ubiquiti training course qualified expert. They will help you to complete the entire task without any issues in an instant.

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