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Reasons to Use 5 Axis Cutting Machine in Modern Industries

Today, a large number of construction and manufacturing industries are using 5 axis machine to accomplish the materials’ cutting task in a hassle-free way. The primary role of a 5 Axis Cutting machine is that it provides you with infinite possibilities in terms of the shapes and sizes of machinery parts to process effectively.

The term 5 axis implies the numbers of directions, towards which a cutting tool may move quickly. Accordingly, in this case, the cutting tool also rotates on the axes A and B along with the linear axes of X, Y and Z and can approach a particular workpiece from every possible direction that too in only one setup.

Benefits of 5 Axis Machines:

1. Can Create Complex Shapes in Only One Setup

A prime benefit of using 5 Axis Cutting machine is that it can easily create multiple and complex shapes in only one setup. Thus, the machine may achieve a relatively higher level of productivity as compared to other tools, which need different setups to complete a job. Also, the 5 axis machine reduces the overall cost and time to prepare fixtures.

2. Feature 3+2 Type of Axis Machine

According to 3+2 type of axis machine, the fourth and fifth axis are useful to locate a workpiece or cutting tool in a specific position. Accordingly, a machine operator does not need to operate each of the five axes simultaneously. Instead, one can achieve the same tool paths after unloading and loading multiple fixtures, setups and machines. Hence, a 5 axis machine enhances uptime, eliminates all sorts of manual errors and the need to use any of the unique accessories. Along with this, the 3+2 axis machine is the ultimate choice for various parts, which have holes or features on multiple angles and/or faces.

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3. Needs Only a Few of the Setups

5 axis machines may machine almost every visible surface, excluding the clamping or bottom area. The breadth thus reduces any need related to unique fixtures or multiple setups.

4. Provides Improved Surface Finish

With the help of rotating A and B, i.e. fourth and fifth axes, the 5 Axis Cutting machine may quickly orient the part to bring it to close towards the cutting tool. The cutting tool becomes short if the component gets close to it. As a small cutting tool remains less susceptible to vibration at high cutting speed, it gives improved surface finishes. In simple words, a 5 axis type of cutting tool helps provide top quality of surface finish and thereby, eliminates the need of time-consuming hand finish job.

5. Allows Machining of Complex Parts from any Solid Particles

A prime benefit associated with using the 5 axis machine is that it enables machining of various complex parts from almost every type of solid, which would otherwise require casting. If we talk about small runs and prototypes, the approach is relatively quick and affordable. It gives you lead times of a couple of weeks rather than a few months required for castings.

6. Saves Valuable Time to Drill Holes

5 Axis Cutting machines help in saving your valuable time while drilling the holes. We know that drilling multiple holes, especially in a specific series and with diverse compound angles consumes a considerable amount of time. If you use a 3 axis machine, you have to use different setups to deal with each of the holes. On the other hand, by using a 5 axis machine, you may need to orient its head across the correct axis to drill each hole automatically. Therefore, the 5 axis machine completes the entire drilling job at the fastest possible rate.

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Therefore, 5 axis cutting and drilling machine is preferable machinery to use in manufacturing and construction industries today.

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