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How to Re-use Your Old Curtains in A Better Way


Curtains are a vital piece of your home inside which helps in setting the disposition for your rooms. Regardless of whether you trust it or not, the curtains you have at your home mirror your identity – moderate, stylish, tasteful or bohemian!

Albeit good quality curtains and blinds, Dubai can keep going for quite a while, individuals will, in general, change them on occasion to purchase new ones. Either when you revamp or update your home or when you move houses, old curtains are typically left in the cellar or conveyed with the rubbish. Both of these are not by any stretch of the imagination worth the underlying cost you spent on them.

So here are a couple of thoughts on the most proficient method to reuse and repurpose your old window curtains –

Table cloth

Curtains are long boards of texture that can be sliced and sewed together to make numerous helpful things required for your home. One of the most straightforward and best employment of old curtains are utilizing them as table linens.

There are such huge numbers of special seasons and events where your up cycled table linens can be utilized consummately. The window ornament textures are generally the ideal thickness to be utilized as table linens. Printed, weaved or emblazoned are the ideal decision for table linens.

DIY Shopping Bags

There are numerous recordings and guidance web journals to make your very own shopping sacks out of old textures. Old window curtains are only the best decision for making shopping convey sacks. Most drapery textures are of the correct thickness for shopping packs. You can cut, fasten and fortify them to make a shoreline tote or an extensive satchel.

Bed overhang

Overhang beds have an appeal about them which still make them a much-preferred expansion to your room. However, a large portion of the shelter beds is a bit on the costly side. Things being what they are, rather than getting one, why not make one? You can undoubtedly make a shade bed with your old sheer curtains by appending them to the roof with a bar and giving it a chance to fall over and spread your bed.

Wardrobe entryways

Window curtains can be repurposed as entryways for your wardrobes or storage rooms without entryways. You can essentially balance them over your storage room entryway utilizing shade poles. By including some burlap strips or strips you can without much of a stretch tie them far from the entryways when required.

Handmade pad covers

Your framed window curtains are an incredible decision for handmade toss pad covers for your bed or couch. They are certain to include a touch of shading and solace to your room or parlor. You can utilize all your old curtains for this reason so you have diverse spreads for your pads that run with various covers or family room by customized blinds and curtains.

Room Dividers

Purchasing room dividers can be very costly. You can without much of a stretch spare some cash by transforming your old curtains into room dividers. Join a window ornament pole to the roof to balance curtains from the roof. Blind room dividers can undoubtedly isolate space and give security without the need to purchase or construct a strong divider.

Window Curtains – Stories From The Past

Curtains – Colorful, flowy bits of texture that enhance our windows. When they are pulled back, you get the chance to see your road, the trees and the numerous individuals who go on their distinctive ways. And when they are closed, you are in your very own universe of solace and wellbeing.

Window curtains have been being used since antiquated occasions and they are still particularly part of our homes. In the early ages, before materials were even created, individuals utilized creature stows away for warmth and protection. These were generally suspended from entryways or any openings in their homes going about as hindrances and limits of individual space.

The old development of Egypt was the primary realized individuals to utilize curtains from mid 3100 BC to the third century BC. The creature conceals curtains in the early ages offered a way to spun materials from flax and cloth, intently pursued by fleece, silk, and cotton. These textures were explicitly used to battle the virus as covers, bed hangings and truly, curtains.

Around the sixth and seventh hundreds of years BC. The Olynthus Civilization in present-day Greece and Pompeii and Herculaneum human advancements in current Italy were likewise referred to have utilized curtains as boards to partition rooms.

The early and medieval times from sixth to twelfth-century homes don’t have much evidence of having curtains. In any case. We can make a protected presumption that overwhelming textures were utilized to cover windows and drafts to ward off the chilly. Which thusly prevented light from going into the houses.

Be that as it may, the thirteenth century saw the development of glass making in Italy making ready to glass paned windows in European family units in the fourteenth century. This basically changed curtains into shields for security with the beginning of the renaissance time frame. These texture boards utilized for these had complex, wonderful structures, offering significance to the tasteful excellence of window hangings.

The eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years aw numerous headways in materials and weavings in the eastern nations of Persia, India, and China, who exceeded expectations at weaving silks in lovely examples. The mid-1800s saw the improvement of hardware impelled materials clearing a path for large scale manufacturing of textures. The most well-known window wraps like ribbon curtains were an image of societal position amid that time. The more perplexing and mind-boggling our window blind is, the more extravagant you are!

In any case, by the turn of the twentieth century. Individuals moved their consideration regarding less expensive, progressively solid engineered textures for their window curtains. From that point, curtains demonstrated assortments in the material and prints energized by improvement in science and innovation.

Today, curtains are about style as much as they are about usefulness.  With the development of blinds, individuals began favoring a blend of curtains and blinds to guarantee style, solace, and protection.

Today, curtains assume various jobs in your normal family unit. They successfully control the light and air, they give protection against the outside climate, they offer security and the best part is that they are the pattern and state of mind setter in your family!

There is a large number of plans and textures to browse for your window curtains here in Dubai. All you have to know is the place to search for!

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