Choosing the Right Radiator for Your Kitchen

For many people, the kitchen is the hub of the home. From the hustle of breakfast at the start of the day to settling around the table after dining, if you find your kitchen is, to borrow a line from Hamilton, “the room where it happens’, you’re going to want to make it a warm and welcoming space. To do so, you need to have a radiator that suits the purpose of your kitchen and works in your favor.

If you’re in the middle of redecorating your kitchen, or you simply need a new kitchen radiator, here is some advice on how to choose the right radiator for your kitchen, depending on the type of home you have.

Are You Looking for Functionality?

Whether you’re the kind of person who loves nothing more than cooking up a storm and spending most of the day in the kitchen, or it’s become your de facto office anytime you have to work from home, you’ll want a radiator which reflects the functionality you need.

For the avid home chefs, get a towel rail. Yes, just like the ones you have in the bathroom, a towel rail can be somewhere to pop your tea towels and dishcloths, so they’re easily accessible at a moment’s notice, especially if you have little ones who are prone to spills.

Are You Trying to Kid-Proof The Kitchen?

Speaking of keeping the kitchen safe and tidy for kids, when you have a hectic house and don’t want to see anyone touching a hot radiator or having an accident around one, you can get savvy and think outside the box.

Do some research on infrared panel radiators. They are plug-in radiators, and you can install them to hang high up on walls far away from the kids. I’m surprised so few people know about them as they can completely change how the room looks, especially if you have your kitchen and dining room all open-plan.

Are You Looking to Make Your Kitchen Feel Fancy?

You can spend a lot of money remodeling a kitchen to make it look fresh, exciting, and fancy, but it could all be for nothing if you keep the same old white radiator that was there when you moved in. I recommend looking at white designer radiators, which bring some much needed chic with fancy paneling and designs that are a little more than just another plan white radiator.

Are You Trying to Be Energy Efficient?

Home heating costs a lot of money and can be a drain on bills. If you have a home where the heating needs to be on for a good portion of the day but hate the idea of wasting energy to heat a few rooms like the kitchen or living room, it might be worth looking at electric heating options.

Electric kitchen radiators can get the room feel just right at the flick of a switch, making them perfect for those days when you’ll be baking up a storm while no one else is about, or you’re having a party and know the rest of the house is out of bounds.

Are You in The Middle Of Decorating At Home?

I hope you gleaned some useful information that comes in handy when you eventually need to get new kitchen radiators. For anyone in the middle of doing research, be sure to check Trade Radiators, who have some fantastic white designer kitchen radiators in stock.

And if you are in the middle of doing any decorating at home, be sure to check the latest home interiors from the site here, with many articles providing helpful advice for pretty much every room under your roof.


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