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Qualifications to Become a Beauty Therapist

The writer Alice Walker got it right when she said that “whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.” A beautician or a beauty therapist is considered a master in the art of making something better than before.

When you create loveliness, you feel good about yourself because you accomplished something that others cannot. But that level of ingenuity can only be attained through the proper knowledge via health and beauty courses.

Most people think that a beautician does not need a formal education. They believe that anyone can be so without proper training. But becoming one is not just all about washing, cutting, and styling. Cosmetology is a skill which is further enhanced by lectures, salon training, and demonstrations that come under the guidance and supervision of the instructor.

Complete your training

If you are set on becoming a beautician, then you should at least have a high school diploma. Most employers set that as a prerequisite as well. So it is no surprise that it is also a requirement before they allow you to study an aesthetic course as well. But once you have that, then nothing can stop you from learning to your heart’s content.

A lot of health and beauty courses can help you become a qualified beauty therapist by exploring your creativity and unleash possibly untapped potential. You can learn a lot from these short courses, which range from learning a variety of services such as makeup, body massage, and facial treatments. You can study all of them if you wish. But you also have the option to choose only that which suits your fancy. And best of all, you can also enter into a formal apprenticeship bond in a licensed salon.

Earn a license

Speaking of a license, a future beauty therapist needs permission to work as one. There are different licenses, depending on the path you would like to take. For instance, a beautician in Australia needs to have at least a certificate III level (or a Certificate III in Beauty Services – SHV30115) or a higher qualifying level (such as a Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy – SHB401115.)

You would also need hands-on work experience, which you can do in the duration of your course or outside of your field of study. And should you decide that you want to make a move towards a management role, then you can continue to go for a diploma like a Diploma of Beauty Therapy – SHB50115, since that is its specialty. The possibilities are endless.

Do what you Love

You may enjoy doing anything related to facials, hair and makeup, manicures, pedicures, and body massage and treatments. But if your goal is to have your salon in the future, then it is best to scrutinize and study the business while you are employed in one. It is best to learn whatever you can to ensure that when your time comes to manage your business, you are already prepared. Managing clients and handling financial transactions will be a cinch, and you will still revel in your aesthetic dreams.

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