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Quad Camera Trend at Glance: Here’s All You Need to Know

Quad Camera Trend

Everyone wants to buy a smartphone with the latest features and technology. A good camera is one of the foremost criteria while buying a smartphone. Smartphones with excellent cameras have reduced the need to carry a digital camera for taking videos and photos.

Quad-camera is the latest trend in smartphones. Earlier a phone with dual cameras on the front and rear was being considered a quad-camera phone. But the concept has changed now. Today, a quad-camera on a smartphone has 4 cameras on the back. You can buy one of the top Oppo mobiles for quad-cameras.

Read on to know all about a quad-camera smartphone and the best phones with quad-cameras.

Benefits of Quad-Camera in a Smartphone

Quad-camera is a combination of a variety of lenses with different functions. The advantages of using so many lenses in a single camera for getting an image are as follows:

  • Bright and clear image

The monochrome lens in quad-camera set-up helps in getting a bright and clear image even in low light situations. The quality of photos produced with the combination of monochrome lens and the standard camera image is the same as a professional quality image.

  • Detailed and crisp shots

The telephoto lens can produce a crisp and detailed image of a distant object with optical zoom. 

  • High-resolution image

Quad-camera can give a higher resolution image than a single camera. This is because of a higher resolution lens and presence of multiple cameras.

  • Better portraits

Different lenses, along with a depth sensor, create better portraits. Quad-camera can also get you a clear image of the subject while keeping the background blurred with its depth detection skill.

  • Wider images

Quad-camera produces a wider image with an ultra-wide lens and standard lens. It can capture a bigger viewing area than a single lens.

Latest Smartphones with Quad-Cameras

  • Vivo V17 Pro

This phone has four cameras on the rear – a 48MP primary camera, a 13MP 2x zoom camera, a 2MP depth sensor camera and an 8MP wide-angle shooter. Vivo V17 Pro is available at a price of around Rs.26,000.

  • Redmi Note 8 Pro

The quad-camera set up in Redmi Note 8 Pro consists of 64MP primary camera, an 8MP wide-angle shooter, a 2MP depth sensor and a 2MP macro camera. This Redmi latest mobile has an elegant design and is available in India at this price segment. It’s the best Camera Smartphone under 15000.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

The Samsung Galaxy note 10+ is also a quad-camera smartphone. A 12MP sensor with a telephoto lens, a 16MP sensor with a wide-angle lens, a TOF sensor and a 12MP primary sensor comprises of its quad-camera setup. This phone is available in the market at a price of around Rs.72,000.

  • Honor 20

Honor was the first brand to come up with a quad-camera phone. Honor 20 has four different cameras on the rear and a 32MP camera on the front. The rear cameras consist of 48MP primary camera, a 2MP macro camera, a 2MP depth sensor and a 16MP wide-angle sensor. Honor 20 is being priced at around Rs.23,000.

  • Oppo A9 2020

Oppo A9 2020 is another phone that has a quad-camera facility. It has a 48MP primary camera, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera, a 2MP depth sensor and a 2MP monochrome shooter on the rear side. The front camera for taking selfies is 16MP. You can buy this smartphone for around Rs. 14,600 onwards.

These are some of the latest camera smartphones under 20000 available in the market. Some of them are quite expensive, and you can consider buying one on easy instalments. 

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