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Purchasing a High-End Cowboy Hat – A Few Essential Tips

Purchasing a High-End Cowboy Hat – A Few Essential Tips

The cowboy hats are a trendy hat style, and it’s also a considerable part of western cultures. It also has a significant role to play in the history of North America and is mainly worn by musicians, ranch workers, and farmers as a sign of heritage. It gained popularity when people drove cattle in the late 19th century. Today, most style-conscious people love to sport a cowboy hat and look distinctive.

A few necessary hat buying tips

Do you want to find the correct cowboy hat for yourself? If yes, it will take slightly more than just selecting an impressive hat from the online or retail store. You need to consider a few things before that. The following pointers will prove helpful for you.

Facial structure and shape

First and foremost, you must consider your face shape. It is necessary to try various hats and check whether the hat looks good on you, depending on your face shape. It’s because caps will inevitably make others focus on your face. Hence, you should select a hat that suits you and ensures that you don’t look weird.

Do you have an extended and thin facial structure? If yes, you will look good in cowboy hats that have a medium crown height. It’s essential to get careful about the crown heights. Usually, hats with shorter and taller crown heights will make a face appear longer.

Do you have a round face? If yes, you need to opt-in for a small-sized crown, as this type of crown and a minimal forward angle towards the crown’s design will ensure you look better. Ensure that the crown and height of the cowboy hat have a pleasant effect on the face.

The hat material

The next thing to consider when you are purchasing a cowboy hat is the hat material.You should check out all the hat materials, and it will determine your ultimate choice. The new-age cowboy hats get made of wool, leather, and straw.

  1. The felt hats

The hats made of leather or wool will give a clean and stylish look to any attire you wear. Also, these hats can block debris and dust and don’t require frequent cleaning. These are known as classic cowboy hats, which you have often seen in movies.

  1. The straw hats

Usually, the straw hat gets made from straw-like or straw materials and gets sewed together. Do you want something different than a formal cowboy hat? If yes, you can opt-in for the straw hat, which gets designed for your everyday wear. You can also use this hat for many years. It is easy to maintain and needs minimal care and cleaning.

The hat size

After the material, you need to look into the hat size. The hat sizing for a cowboy hat and a baseball hat is not the same. Usually, the baseball hats are adjustable and easily fit people with various head sizes and shapes. The same is not true for a cowboy hat. These hats aren’t flexible. Hence, you must select a hat that suits you correctly so you don’t feel uncomfortable wearing it.

If you want, you can seek help from an expert hat retailer and choose the correct hat size. Make sure to choose a cowboy hat that fits you comfortably and doesn’t get blown off when there is slight wind. Also, you should check that the hat is not too tight, as that might limit the blood flow and result in creases on the head. When you work with an expert hat retailer, they can assist you in selecting the correct hat size that fits you comfortably.

The hat colors

A reputed hat retailer will offer you various colored hats, based on the type of hat you are searching for. A few usual hat shades contrast with all types of shirt patterns, like weaves, stripes, checks include black, brown, white, and silver. And if you don’t want to keep buying new hats, select a color that will match your current attire choices. It’s a smart call to opt-in for neutral colors as that match most of the outfits.

Consider the “X” factor

Since most cowboy hats get made of wool or straw, the hat cost can be anything between $20 and $4,000. However, the hat value is decided by the quantity of beaver and rabbit fur used while making the hat. Then it has an “X” mark which is noticeable inside the hat crown.

If there are more “X” marks, the cowboy hat will be better and most costly. In earlier days, the hats with a 5X or 7x mark used to be the ones of the highest quality and were rare.

If a cowboy hat comes with a 20X mark, it indicates 100% beaver fur got used to make the hat. It means a 20X for a concerned hat maker might mean 100X for another hatmaker. However, over time various manufacturers have developed various scales with the passage of time. And a comparison today it nearly impossible.

You can also find that X mark inside the straw hats. And this mark suggests the quality and tightness of the woven straw cowboy hat. The better quality of the straw would provide a tighter weave. Also, it would make the hats more lightweight. But the straw material isn’t as costly as the felt hats. However, if you search, you can come across some of the straw cowboy hats within a few hundred dollars.

If you are a hat enthusiast, it’s necessary to add a cowboy hat to your wardrobe. Most people in the fashion industry are opting in for it after the celebrities made the hat famous. As you flip through the pages of a fashion magazine, you will find stylish images of this hat. If you have been eyeing a cowboy hat for a while, you can purchase it from an online or offline hatmaker.

These are some of the necessary factors that you need to consider when purchasing a cowboy hat.

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