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Proprietorship Firm Registration Process Sole Registration Procedure

Proprietorship Firm Registration Process || Sole Registration Procedure

Each step towards transparency will take you to the Proprietorship Firm Registration!

To which, you might be looking for the registration process?

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Getting back to the subject i.e; Proprietorship Firm Registration Process.

To the known fact – a process is the only way to avail the entire benefit of the particular registration or tax filing or any other subject to which you are glancing.

This is what we are going to elaborate here. Keep exploring…

Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration Procedure: Step-By-Step

Proprietorship or you may simply name it Sole Proprietorship!

One of the easiest business form in India, as off – it is not ruled by any specific laws.

Fast forwards, in order to register a sole proprietorship – the following process needs to be navigated out.

-:- Elaborated As Follows -:-

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01: Apply For PAN Card

Under the first step, you need to apply for the PAN card.

However, if you already have the PAN then, this step is not required. Just skip out this step…

02: Name Your Business

Under this alternative step, one needs to apply and name his/her business.

Meanwhile, you need to align a name to your business.

But the term and condition are — the name should be unique. However, it should not be matched with any of the firm registered with a particular name.

03: Open A Bank Account

Upon opting and naming the business name, you need to open a bank account over the name of your business.

Subsequently, there is no formal registration required, but the next step says that you need to have a bank account by or to the name of your business.

04: Register Your Business Under MSME

Well, the very step is not so-called mandatory!

But – in order to opt the several benefits, you can register as an SME (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise) under the MSME act, 2006.

05: Register For GST

As we all know that GST registration has now become a mandatory registration for each and every business.

But with few conditions, which are as;

If your business turnover exceeds Rs. 20 lakhs, then, one needs to have the GST registration.

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All Done!

Finally thought — for the registration, you need to have the required documents.

So, if you’re looking for the required documents then do visit our page, there you will a complete encapsulated guide over the same.


Here, in this blog, we have discussed the ~~ Proprietorship Firm Registration Process || Sole Registration Procedure.

Often we concluded its layout and the entire process throughout the steps in detail.

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