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Preparing for Your Pet’s Surgery: Do’s and Don’ts

For pet owners, there is nothing more heart-wrenching than receiving the recommendation of their pet’s surgery. This period can be painful for the pet as well as the pet owner. But if you prepare well for the surgery, you can minimize the risks to a great extent. Thinking ahead of time will make sure that the healing process goes smoothly. It would also help your pet heal quickly. Today, we’d tell you how you can prepare for your pet’s orthopedic surgery to always stay ahead of time.

These are some do’s that you should follow and don’ts that you should avoid to prepare for your pet’s surgery.


Create a Safe Place Before Surgery

Unlike normal days when your pet was healthy, your pet can’t roam around freely when it is unwell. It’s recommended to confine the pets after the surgery. If you manage to create a safe place for your pet, it will help your pet recover big time. Ideally, that place should be warm and away from the noises of traffic and machinery. You can use a carpet for this purpose. Also, make sure that there are no stairs near that place.

Bathe Your Pet

It’s a good idea to bathe your pet for a few days prior to its surgery. Be mindful that the vet will very likely ask you to keep your pet dry once it has undergone surgery. So, we recommend you bathe your pet at least twice or thrice before its surgery. This is also the right time to send them for a grooming session as you it might take a long time after the surgery.

Get an E-Collar

Purchasing an E-collar is another important thing that you should do before your pet’s surgery. The purpose of these E-collars is to prevent your pet from licking the incision. Soft pillow collars or even a muzzle could also be used as an alternative to E-collar.

Reach the Hospital in Time:

Drop your pet off in time on the day when surgery is to be done. This gives your vet extra time to do some tests before starting the surgery. Furthermore, make sure your phone is available as you’ll be contacted as soon as the surgery is completed.


Follow the Vet’s Instructions about Pre-op Care

Prior to the surgery, the vet will share some pre-op care points with the owner that must be followed. If your pet is not to eat on the day of surgery, then make sure that they are empty stomach for the surgery. These play a crucial role in the recovery later.

Don’t Stress Out:

Be mindful that your vet will do everything to ensure your pet’s health. If you have chosen a well-reputed vet, there is nothing to worry about.  The pets can sense if you are tense and this will impact them negatively as well.

Preparing for the surgery is important as it makes sure everything goes smoothly. You won’t have to go through any kind of hassle when you start your preparation before surgery. These dos and don’ts will help you be better prepared. If you have any questions, make sure o clarify with your pet before the surgery.

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