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Why Prefer Hotel Boutiques Over Traditional Hotels?

So, you have decided to go on a vacation with your probably. You’d probably be wondering about a wonderful place where you could stay for the night. Well, you have a lot of options for that. You can either for a traditional big hotel where they’d charge you like crazy or you can live in a relatively unorthodox, Hotel Boutique. Hotel boutique have great designs and the quality of services that offer is quite remarkable as well.

So, unless you don’t care about the money you are spending your vacation, you can try out a hotel boutique instead. Here is where we think you should choose a hotel boutique for your upcoming vacation plans instead of a Traditional hotel.

Great Aesthetics

Hotel Boutiques are usually smaller in size so a greater focus of the manager is on improving the design and making it appear as attractive as they can. You can clearly see an impressive artistic dense in the design as soon as you enter a boutique hotel. Big hotels rarely think about this kind of stuff. They have a basic design that stays the same for each room and the entire building. Hotel boutiques take things up a notch and add their unique sense of style to the design.

Relatively Less Expansive

Big hotel chains usually cost a lot even for a one night’s stay. So, if you are conscious of the amount that you are planning on spending during your journey then we suggest you go for a boutique hotel as they generally are less expensive than any other hotel. You get great ambiance, excellent quality of services and that too on extremely reasonable pricing.

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Individual Services

Hotel Boutiques promote individual services. They cater to the needs of their client on a personal level and try to make you feel at home. And isn’t it what you need after an entire day of exhaustion? Hotel Boutiques are known for their amazing personal attention services. This is probably because of the fact that these buildings have a small size. Which makes it easy for the management to personally take care of their clients. You don’t get such intimate level of services in any other mainstream hotel. A Boutique hotel provides with an intimate and private quality of services that are catered especially just for you.

Usually at Great Locations

Since boutique hotels have a small size, they are built mostly on key locations that have a great view. You can get a room on a location of your choice and enjoy amazing view from the window of your room. The ambiance in and around a boutique is also quite artistic. In fact, a boutique is a tourist attraction in and itself.

Boutique hotel owners intentionally make these hotels in locations that are convenient for the people coming in. Since these hotels don’t take as much space as big hotels, you can find quite a lot of boutique hotel options in a single area.

Show Cultural Aspect of the place you are visiting

Boutique Hotels designers take the cultural flavor and blend it with their design approach. You can see the culture of the place that you are staying at embedded into the walls and roofs of a boutique hotel. All these carvings and impressive designs stand in coherence with the history and the culture of the place that you are visiting.

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With boutique hotels, you’d get to make yourself familiar with the culture and history of the place that you are staying at. You get to see a new face of the city or town you are visiting, combined with the excellence of quality of services.

If you are looking for the best Boutique hotel around Zermatt, Switzerland then we suggest you visit Hotel Albana Real. This boutique hotel is located around the mesmerizing Matterhorn Mountains. The ambiance and the quality of services is quite remarkable as well. Book a room in Hotel Albana Real and make the most out of your vacations.

Final Words:

These are just some of the reasons why we think you should choose a boutique hotel instead of the traditional choices. Book a boutique hotel for your upcoming vacations and take your vacations experience to the next level.


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