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Perfect Your Technical Writing through a Free Thesis Statement Generator

Research shows that a strong thesis statement can enhance your professor’s interest in reading your paper, and even influence their opinion in awarding you excellent grades.

What is a thesis statement? It is an account summarizing the main argument of your paper, and it is expressed in one or two sentences at the end of the introduction.

A thesis statement is very crucial because it is the foundation of your research paper. Your essay readers use it to decide whether to proceed further or otherwise. Also, it determines the kind of grades you will get in your exams.

Writing a thesis statement poses a lot of challenges to many students. In order to write a strong thesis statement, you must, first of all, understand your topic and familiarize yourself with its features.

If you want to perfect your thesis, it is advisable to use our free thesis statement generator. This is an online tool that helps you create a strong thesis statement to express your idea vividly.

How does a free thesis statement generator work?

It works by posing four questions to you regarding the subject matter of your essay. Therefore, you are supposed to answer these queries appropriately to generate your thesis statement.

The following is a highlight of the four questions and how you are supposed to respond to them.

  • What is your subject matter?

In this case, you are supposed to express the key idea of your statement. Avoid giving reasons to justify your point at this stage

  • Why is your subject matter correct?

Now, you ought to give at least one reason why you think your thesis is excellent. Avoid using joining words such as “because”, “and”, “since…”

  • Are there any objections/limitations to your reasoning?
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Thesis statements sometimes deal with controversies. Therefore, it is vital to include limitations to manifest the gravity of your research.

  • Can you substantiate your thesis with some statistics or facts?

Ensure you support your thesis with known facts in terms of numbers to justify your idea.

The Importance of a Thesis Statement in Your Essay paper

A thesis statement is essential because of the following reasons

  • Through a thesis statement, the structure of your essay is revealed, and your leaders are able to understand what is being discussed in your paper.
  • You professor consider your thesis statement first before even reading the entire paper, and it contributes a lot to the awarding of your grade
  • It reveals your position and explains to the reader what your paper will discuss

The Composition of a Thesis Statement

A strong thesis statement comprises the following parts.

Your essay’s main idea/topic stated in one or two sentences

  • Your claim
  • Your justification for supporting the idea
  • Opposition to your argument if there is any
  • Facts supporting your position

Thesis Statement Example

In order to understand what a thesis statement entails, the following example will help you a lot.

Sexual harassment in the workplace has contributed to many problems – low morale, reduced performance, and high rate of turnovers among employees.

Now, let us delve into the above example so that you may get a clear perspective of a thesis statement. Therefore, the parts of a thesis are further explained below using the example given.

  • Topic: Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Claim: Has contributed to many problems
  • Major aspects: low morale, reduced performance, high rate of employee turnovers.
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In conclusion, it vital to note that a strong thesis statement matters a lot to the organization of your essay, and it determines the quality of the grade you will get in your exams. Therefore, please don’t take chances of crafting a perfect thesis, but make use of our free thesis statement generator to enhance success in your studies.

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