PDFBear PPT to PDF Converter Tool: 3 Simple Steps in Converting

Converting your PPT files to your desired file format can be very simple. If you know a reliable and powerful online converter tool that offers the file format you need. But what if it doesn’t offer the file format that you require? Would it be able to convert your files quickly and with high-quality?

PDFBear guarantees that you will find the file format that you need. PDFBear is flexible enough to give you all the file formats you require without costing you a single cent. You can also split, merge, delete pages, add watermark and page numbers, password protect your PDF files. Here are three steps in how to convert your PPT presentation to PDF files with PDFBear.

Upload Your PPT File

The first step if you want to know how to convert PPT to PDF with PDFBear is to access their website and click on the PPT to PDF converter tool. You will then be redirected to the designated tool where you will be uploading your file. You can do this with two options. One is to click on the “Select Files” button, and the other is by using their drag-and-drop feature.

PDFBear assures you that they will convert your files into high-quality PDF files. Even though PDFBear is free, you will not experience any annoying pop-up ads. Additionally, PDFBear is fully optimized for all types of devices, such as PCs, laptops, iPads, Android phones, etc. You will not encounter any compatibility issues whenever you are using PDFBear.

Also, PDFBear can be accessed for free on any operating system, be it a Linux machine, macOS, or Windows OS. So, if you’re worried about whether your device is not compatible with PDFBear, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Converting from PPT to PDF

When you are done uploading your file, and you have started converting your PPT presentations to PDF, you just have to wait until PDFBear is finished with the process. But it is worth noting that PDFBear’s conversion process wouldn’t take much of your time. They guarantee that they will convert your PPT to PDF files in just a matter of seconds regardless of how many files or how big the files are.

All you would need is a reliable internet connection and sufficient storage space to save your files. PDFBear will do their thing and do the rest for you. When the conversion process is complete, PDFBear assures you that they will convert your files into high-quality PDF files, and you don’t have to do any reformatting anymore.

Ready for Download

The final step is downloading your newly converted PDF files into your device. You can even choose to save it on your cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You should know about PDFBear that they always put your files’ safety and security above all else. So, they make sure that their security system is the best, which is why they installed a 256-BIT SSL Encryption Technology to keep all your files safe from cybercriminals.

After receiving your downloadable link, you should note that this downloadable link can only be accessed and downloaded only for a limited time. This is to ensure that your files will not be accessed by anyone on their system. You are also given the option to apply changes and customize your files with their free editing tools.


See how easy converting your PowerPoint presentations to PDF is with PDFBear? So, why not try this online converter tool out, and see whether PDFBear gives you what you need. The best part is that since PDFBear is an online converter tool, you don’t have to install or download anything on your device. A great way of saving storage space, right?


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