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Organize Your Nightstand With These 5 Clever Hacks

organize your nightstand

When it comes time to get into bed at the end of the night, most of us can only think about one thing:


So we put down our phones. We empty our pockets. We take off our jewelry.

And unfortunately, that nightstand by the side of the bed becomes a dumping ground for everything that we’re too tired to put away.

Organizing your living room or your bedroom closet can take hours. But a nightstand can be cleaned and tidied up in a matter of minutes!. Read below to know more.

If you’re ready to get your bedroom in order, you can start by organizing your nightstand with these clever hacks.

Choose a Nightstand With Drawers or Shelves

How you organize your nightstand all depends on the design of the table itself.

If you’re a minimalist, a tiny table with nothing but a lamp may be all you need. But if you’re like most people, you probably have some other things you want to keep within easy reach during the night.

The more you have to store, the more important it is to have a side table with drawers or shelves. Organization is easy if you have a lot of compartments for hiding things!

A nightstand with drawers is ideal. Drawers are easy to organize and they’ll help you tidy up your bedroom.

If you prefer a bedside table with open shelves, you may want to invest in a storage box or two to keep your nighttime essentials items hidden from view.


Before you can think about where to put things on or in your nightstand, assess what’s already there. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong or that you don’t need.

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Ideally, a bedside table should only hold the things you need to access while you’re in bed. A lamp, an alarm clock, and a phone are good examples of what should be on your nightstand.

Bottles of nail polish, jewelry you rarely wear, and receipts from your latest shopping trip are best stored somewhere else.

Organize From the Top Down

The easiest way to arrange your nightstand is to start from the top layer down.

Place the essentials on top, such as your lamp, phone charging dock, alarm clock, and whatever book you’re currently reading. If you have a big enough surface, go ahead and add a tissue box or a small dish to hold the rings or jewelry that you wear every day.

Next, think about the things that you need on hand while you’re sleeping but don’t want to put on display. Use your top drawer (or top shelf) to hold a flashlight in case you lose power or stash remote controls for your TV or ceiling fan.

The top drawer is also a good place to store a lip balm, an eye mask, or earplugs if you like to drown out the surrounding noise while you sleep.

If you have a bottom drawer or shelf, tackle that last. This is the place to stash jewelry boxes with items you rarely wear or electronics that you don’t use every day. Use this area to hold a few books that you intend to read in the next few weeks or a notebook and pen if you like to keep a handwritten diary.

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Add Drawer Organizers

Regardless of what you decide to put in your drawers, drawer organizers will help you organize your items in a neat and accessible way.

You can buy fabric bins or office supply bins in fun colors. You can even use utensil drawer organizers if your drawers are deep enough. The trick is to have a variety of compartments within each drawer so that every item you have gets its own designated storage space.

Utensil trays are ideal for use in a bedroom. Those slim compartments made for knives and forks are perfect for holding flashlights, remote controls, and pens. The smaller compartments (where you would typically put bottle and can openers) are great for holding jewelry, earbuds, lip balms, and small packs of tissues.

What you don’t want to do is take everything that’s currently out of place on top of your nightstand and toss it in the drawer. Do that and you’ll end up with nothing but a junk drawer!

Clean Your Nightstand on a Regular Basis

Cleaning your bedside table should be a regular part of your weekly clean-up routine. Like every other table or shelf in your home, keeping an organized nightstand will only make it easier to access what is stored inside.

Straighten it up every week and you won’t have to worry about clutter piling up ever again. When you find items on your bedside table that don’t belong there, take a few minutes to put them back where they actually belong.

If you really want to live in an organized space, this is a rule that you should follow throughout your entire house.

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If you’re ready to get your bedroom nightstand organized, here’s what you need to do:

  • Invest in a bedside table with drawers or shelves
  • Declutter and remove everything that doesn’t belong
  • Organize from the top down
  • Keep the essentials on top and use the drawers or shelves to hold items you need during the night
  • Add drawer organizers to make them extra orderly
  • Clean and declutter your nightstand regularly

If you can implement these tips and keep up with it, you’ll never have a messy nightstand again!

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