The Newest 2020 Trends for Your Bathroom Renovation

At the end of the year, the design community predicts trends that will dominate in 2020. A bathroom is a space that cannot be ignored. Before you start the repair, consider the expected trends in 2020.

Often the bathroom design concept matches the design concept of a house or apartment. A very important role is played by the choice of plumbing – modern bathtubs from famous designers and washbasins for bathtubs and toilets.

The Trends You Should Follow to Have a Fashionable Bathroom

More color

Color gradually breaks into residential interiors and replaces gray and beige tones. The bathroom is no exception – moreover, it is best to start adding brightness: there it will not have time to bore you. Take a look at the blue, green and golden hues in the design. You can also experiment with fashionable coral, it will add warmth and cheerfulness to the interior.

It is not necessary to make repairs – you can add bright accents to the plain design to refresh it.

A variety of geometric patterns and shapes of tiles, various combinations of color and relief, designers focus on all this. This is the particular opposite of a plain concrete finish.

Wallpaper on the walls

Wallpapers (especially with floral and geometric ornaments) are experiencing a rebirth and have already reached the bathroom. But you need to use them in this room wisely: firstly, you need to choose moisture-resistant options, and secondly, place them away from wet areas.

By the way, wallpapers are perfect for decorating a toilet that is not combined with a bath: there they are not threatened by water and steam.


The pattern imitating granite chips has become so popular that now it can be seen not only in the traditional place, floor but also in the decoration of interior items. In the bathroom, you are free to use this trend in both aspects: both as a decoration material and as a stylized decor.

Industrial elements

The fashion for industrial style is becoming more apparent in the design of bathrooms. An easy way to follow it is to replace the old faucet with a new one with an industrial design, order a concrete sink or other elements with a rough design.

Open storage

The trend for open storage came to the bathrooms from the kitchens – and now more and more often you can see fashionable designs of bathrooms with shelves.

Classic models, stairs or makeshift shelves in niches – you can choose from several relevant options.

Hanging furniture

And this trend will appeal to small-sized owners: “floating” furniture adds air to space, and actually saves it – there are no legs.

Take a look at the suspended plumbing, its popularity is also gaining more and more speed.

2020 will be full of new, fresh and extraordinary design ideas. Many people believe that repairing a bathroom is a secondary concern. But designers argue that this approach is completely wrong. On the contrary, you need to think through all the details of the design so that you can rest and relax while in this room.

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